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Once great streaming radio app Was the best in class app I'd tried. Now I fear, the victim of losing its way and diluting the core experience that core users want with vapid, unnecessary and unneeded social tosh. Or... I might just be getting old.

Nice app Make prev/next buttons so i can navigate through my favourites. Add chromecast support

Radio Royalty lol Love it love it... As far as apps for radio go, they dont get any better tbh, samflung s4 mini, never any issues, virtually no buffering, excellent radio app n its free, so before people slate apps, lets c U make one n give it away for free ya moanin mcnuggets!! Top job guys ;-)

Um no Okay so you can get all the good radio stations etc., but two things 1) why does it have to use wifi/3g ? If its a radio... 2) needs to say the name of the song that would be an awesome feature :)

Problems with s3 It worked perfectly before... after the latest 2-3 updates it started freezing completely when on the main screen... miniatures work fine, but it gets harder to change radios and navigate through the app

All of the sudden it freezes Keeps freezing after it's been open. Will play but will not let you do anything once it's been open once and you come back to it.

Galaxy s2 Trying to select the "more" option in my station list or song list does not work. Figured that out now with the new update it does not work at all. Now with ver. 12.6.1 it is a great app again. Thanks

Fix plz PlZ fix app aint workin no more I use this app 5 days a week missing my morning show... no bueno

Amazing on Android and ios This is an absolutely wonderful app and I have yet to encounter issues. The tune in team does a great job of keeping updates coming and handling bugs. Works great if you're looking to listen to radio

Help! This app has been fantastic but just recently, it tried to update, crashed, and then glitched sending crash report after crash report until I restarted my phone.

VERY bad NOW more channels not work (hello fm,rasio marchi,suriyan fm india,radio hello dubai)NEED app to sd appction very large

Now I can listen to npr all the time. This app is awesome because now I can listen to my local npr station wherever I go.

Uggghhhhh!!!! I use this app to stream Philadelphia sports stations. I live in AZ. It's good during the week. (Always works) But, whenever I listen to the same station when a game is on, to get play by play.. ( the reason I got the app) it never works! Never! Always says not connected! So disappointing! Almost ready to uninstall!!

Great work New gui is awesome and smooth. But where is the option to selecting music quality?

Great I love this up and like everything else nothing is perfect. La evoluciom ha llegado a tus oidos.

New isn't always better Come on Facebook lemming, not everyone wants to be social, especially concerning what music they listen to. I think I've had enough of developers telling me what they think I like and forcing all this new crap on us. I purchased pro on Apple. Stuck with the basic version on Android. I'm glad I did. Only wasted money on this app once, although it is now a huge waste of money because I'm deleting this app. It really has gone so far downhill and the developer just doesn't care about the users. Bye Facebook.2.0

It gets better over time The new UI is a bit confusing at first but with time you get used to it. I've been a tune in user for a long time and I really am liking it. Keep up the good work.

Continues to move backwards. Do you really believe a social media stream adds anything to your product? The only thing this app should do is play the radio - stick to what you do well. And while you're at it, add Chromecast support (or get left further behind).

Can no longer use this app Wear integration has made this app a problem because it stays on the watch after the app is closed. Has to restart the watch in order to remove the controls.

the "standard" for radio This is a great app but recent UI updates are horrible and now takes twice as many steps to play the station I wanted.

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