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Updates updates updates! I can appreciate that Tune In is always trying to make their app better, but every other week updates usually about 20 megabytes in size causes me to have to delete other apps to make room for it.

Very good app Has all the popular music, local mews & comedy stations. My only gripe is too many commercials.

Good shtuff I live in the boondocks so this is the only way i can listen to bob and tom. Stops to buffer a bit but other than that it Works great. One of my favorite apps.

TuneIn Radio A radio wherever you go,absolutely fantastic,couldn't & wouldn't be without it double 5 stars yes it's that good. Oh and guys it won't drain the battery.

It's nice but ads ruined it The interface and all other stuffs are good but the doesn't looks cool it doesn't matches the interface and it comes in the way

Dropouts Love the app but with last update now I get dropouts even with 30 seconds buffer. Better than iheart radio though because no startup commercials to listen to and better station selection. Please fix the dropout problem. This does not occur with iheart or other streaming apps and happens on multiple stations.

Invisible Station Schedules The schedules for my favorite stations refuse to load. I tap "See Complete Schedule" only to be shown a blank page. Also really wish I could browse the schedule for one station while listening to another. Very irritating to have to switch entirely for something so simple.

Latest update not great The latest update made this app look better but it's now slow and crashes often. Used to be a good app but I got fed up and will be deleting it, I've downloaded BBC radio instead :)

I hate the new interface Love the app overall but the old interface is so much better than this new crappy light blue one. Its not user friendly

Great! Great app for running and playing in the background whilst I'm doing other tasks/things or stuff. I use it both on my mobile phone and my tablet and not had any problems with it so far. Thank you Devs for keeping the basics free until I explore the app fully. Cheers!

Poor interface Other users can see what channels and programmes you listen to but you can make this private in profile - if you can find it. Very confusing UI. You can search for programmes and it will find back episodes like I-player. Does not record, use simple radio app for that function.

Lack of privacy Other users can see what channels and programmes you listen to. Very confusing UI. You can search for programmes and it will find back episodes like I-player. Does not record, use simple radio app for that function.

Great app!!! Great app for listening radio worldwide. Love this app. Only problem is after last 4-5 version updates, app stops working and/or frequently loads data. Please solve this. Otherwise great work folks.!!!

Brilliant little thing Excellent app. Does what it says and does it well and simply. No problems at all. Highly recommend it. Have been using it for a couple of years now. The station list is just gigantic and I was hard pressed to find stations that weren't there. Keep it up guys. UX has improved vastly in the last few updates. It is a bit harder to find my "favorite" stations but they seem to be available in some form on my Profile page so I'm not necessarily complaining.

It's my favourite radio app. I have been using this app for a few years. I just switched from iPhone to android. I had to have my app back :)

Great Ap Is a great solution for radio static problems and can connect to any country. Just love it

Locking up Ever since the latest up date every time I launch Tunein my S4 locks up. Sometimes I can get the app to close but most of the time I ha e to remove the battery to reset the phone. Disappointed, this used to be my go to music app.

Buffering an ongoing issue I have had buffer issues over the past few patches that has not been resolved and if you look through the ratings... it is a common issue. I am extremely disappointed that this issue has been going on for this long. They could have 1 mil radio stations to listen to but with this ongoing problem it makes it difficult to enjoy. I don't know if Google goes through these reviews but if you do, please reconsider the editor's choice title until they fix the issues and provide a quality app like they use to.

Downhill Was amazing, now its just okay. TuneIn has fallen into the bloatware trap like many developers, adding unwanted and unnecessary social media features.

Love it when I'm in a Wi-Fi zone but... Not as much when using Bluetooth in my car. Then its too glitchy for me to enjoy having the app.

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