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Awesome Great app I listen to it while I garden and walk. Would have given five stars but I don't like the new layout

Used to be my fave I use Tune In nearly every night for my radio. A recent update has made it almost unusable. IMO the new and improved GUI is terrible. I cannot even see my whole list of stations unless I use Car Mode. I probably shouldn't even say that as devs just can never leave well enough alone. Once they realize there is still a way to use the app they'll probably go and break that as well. Anyway if it gets much worse I will compile my own list of stations stream servers and leave Tune In behind.

Should improve filter function It'sa so hard to find featured channels through filter or search. Can you please update the sorting way to make it more convenience. Btw, best radio app ever

HTC Desire C I use this all the time, I love that I can listen to music from American to Italian stations, my 4 girls, 23,22,17 & 14 also use this

Alarm confusing The only thing I have trouble with is the alarm. Occasionally a beeper comes on (instead of the radio) and no screen shows up to control it. Haven't figured out why the beeper comes on in the first place. The radio is all I want for an alarm.

Must have I am installing on my new phone. An app I can't be without but the pro get the full 5✴

So far, so good I, like other users, had to uninstall and reinstall the app because it kept freezing..

Great Sound This app could lose some of the International radio stations and put them under a different category. I would certainly keep them because of audience diversity. Being in radio there is too much repetition. In the 60's,70's and 80's, many groups or artists had one or two hits, but they made #1 on the charts. You leave these hits off the play lists of these stations. In one station I heard one hit twice in two hours for one decade? All top 25 on the charts should be played.

TuneIn Radio Great app! I use it to keepmup with radio broadcast sports. It automaticallt informs me when sport events start. No issues!

Mr. Greer I think tunein radio are a Awesome station to listen to.for most of your daily activities. talk shows. Sports. music. and also live concerts.

Just Love this app This app is great, can select to music according to my mood, i know its not possible for the devs, but if there was some way to get the names of the music while they were playing, would be a great addition n the most effective also

Always buffering I really want to like this app but unless your on WiFi it just buffers all the time, its rubbish getting better so up from 1 to 3 star's

Forces you to Create an Account Now suddenly we have to create an account with Tunein, so I had to create a burner e-mail. They apparently have no respect whatsoever for their user base. And the UI stinks..

UI car mode lackibg Car mode UI could be a lot better. Local stations with large icons should be added so the app can replace the car radio.

Chromecast Support Please!! You can cast your streaming audio by casting the screen on your phone using chromecast screencast. Why not just integrated into the app somehow...

the best radio streaming app ever! I've tried so many app for radio streaming. but eventually i always end up using tunein. many stations to choose makes radio freaks like me feel like in heaven. please make it lighter for low end android then i give you 5 star.

Wonderful app Great app with a wonderful design, easy to get around, and I love the sleep timer option. Keep up the good work...

Getting better but still too complicated I can understand you need to make this app social to get a good valuation from the VCs but it is still too complicated. There are too many screens and the transition between them is not logical

Great! Great app! Nothing more needs to be said. I use it all the time from listening to sports or specific music. Love this app.

Constant FCs after update Unusable after update, even after wiping the cache and app data. Nexus 5 running Android L. It was working fine prior to the update.

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