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I'm not liking one of these latest updates, it messed up the local stations.. I live in between 2 states.. for some reason it's not showing my actual local channels.. depending on what towers I'm "pinging" off of, I have to select location, and constantly manually change from Massachusetts -Worcester to New Hampshire -Manchester, and other local channels now "claim"... this station is not available in your location... I'm not sure what happened, but I do know it was a recent update that messed everything up.. When I do search for some stations, there is quite a bit that do not have their full channel listing. Some stations say the number (##.#) while some other stations just say Wxxx or Kxxx. Without the full listing anymore, I don't know if it's the station I'm looking for or a station across the U.S. Another thing I noticed is the listings used to be in numerical order, lowest to highest, and AM separate from FM... Not anymore, everything is thrown around and thrown together.. Very Sloppy.. REGARDLESS OF MY COMPLAINTS, FOR NOW, I STILL PREFER THIS APP OVER OTHERS. I just don't like that recent updates that messed everything up, making TuneIn very messy and sloppy. I hope the next updates fixes these 3 issues. Great job

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