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New design is an improvement but issues raised six months ago still exist. Rather fed up with raising them and nothing happens. Please bring back the audiobooks! Fantastic

I love this app and use it all the time. But this app has one major flaw that needs to be improved on please. Please embed the 30 second skip forward and reverse feature in the notification control panel PLEASE! At that point I will rate the app 5 stars. Fantastic

Plays Internet radio as specified. Paid for pro, so no ads any more Fabulous!

I bought TuneIn Pro a while back on a previous device. I reinstall it onto my new phone and it's now a monthly subscription and my Pro features are gone. Feel like I've been duped somehow, shame as I still love the app itself :-( Perfect

New design is an improvement but issues raised six months ago still exist. Rather fed up with raising them and nothing happens. Again cancelled subscription because the issues never get fixed and can't see the point of a paid subscription just to receive sports radio! Bring back the audiobooks! Works perfectly

Really like TuneIn Radio - good range of radio stations, and nice interface. My only issue is that on my Chromebook it doesn't like working with a VPN (it works fine with my VPN on Android). Great!

There is a bug, where I try playing stations like The Rock from Orlando over WiFi. It doesn't play unless I switch to 4G LTE. It might be something to do with location? Anyway this is frustrating... Phone AT&T, home WiFi Suddenlink. Brilliant

Love this app, use it every day, for music and podcasts. One thing that can be improved: when I go to my downloaded podcasts I see a list of all podcasts that can be very long (goes back years...). It would be nice to have a separate list that shows only my downloaded episodes. Also the sign that shows an episode is downloaded is very tiny (make it bigger, brighter, different color). Thanks! Recommend

I would have given a 5 star review. I have had this app for several years. But I tried linking to Roku. Now it is on Roku but not my app. Pissed off! Well done!!

Love this app. Been using it for years. Tried iHeart Radio and Pandora, but there's no comparison. The recording feature works very well, but would love it even more if we can share our recordings. If you can add that feature, I'd give it 5 stars. Other than that, it's an excellent app. Keep up the good work. Worth it!

A truly fantastic app!! Overwhelming choice of content, easy to use and very reliable. I Love it and would certainly recommend it to anyone. Just wow

It works very well and opens very quickly on all versions of Android. I have been using it for the last three years. The developers are definitely in touch with its updates and improvement that is why it is improving day by day. Welldone. Marvelous

Absolutely love the recording feature, wish that recordings could be shared across devices though. This app makes my commute to work more bearable. Awesome

Great app, CNN stream has been having issues crackling and popping. Only station I'm hearing it on. Otherwise 5/5 Pretty good

It works well with the few stations that I like to listen to. I generally use this app in conjunction with a Chromecast or through my car radio. Must have

Love it, but..... I purchased the app 2 years ago and after installing it on a new phone, I realized I will have to pay again to continue using it. Great!

I really love the Premium features for Sports when out of town. Also, I listen to the radio while at work. The only two features I would like to see... The return of audiobooks and the ability to edit (delete) my folders. Superb!

I love listening to my favourite Radio Station - Schlager Paradies. Infact this App is easy to use for listening to any world internet radio. Very nice presentation. Works great

Awesome! There are a few stations on here that I can't get anywhere else, plus my favorite shows and broadcasts . Very convenient, lets me catch my favorites wherever I want. Amazing amount of content, this app is hard not to like :) Enjoy it!

How can we, who paid for the tax-free version, TURN OFF the sliding, push-suggestions at the top of the screen which eat up 40% of our visible screen real estate? If I didn't know any better from my time in the ad business, I'd say this is PAID ADVERTISING. Didn't we pay for the PRO version to avoid that? Please make a TURN OFF switch please. Works great

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