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Most of the app is in working condition, which is quite an improvement I may say, but what the f happened to chat posts? For some reason they're no longer in separate paragraphs, but instead are all heaped up in this block of text with the occasional bolded word... Please fix, it's ridiculous and impossible to read. Go well

Crashes a lot, doesn't load photos/gifs no matter how good/fast your internet/data connection is, extremely glitchy and only seems to get worse with every update. I love the website, I just wish the mobile app wasn't so godawful when it comes to doing what it's supposed to. Hopefully it is all fixed soon. Perfect!

WOW!!! Facebook and twitter has not been close to how good tumblr is. This app gives me purpose. I love all the Tech's that creates this. God Bless Must have

I used to be able to search tags on blogs but now whenever I search a tag on a blog the app says that no posts are tagged. It was a very useful feature and it would be great to have it back. Surprisingly

Just updated to new version ( 3/01/17) no probs so far? Old version kept crashing.... Surprisingly

I'd rather use the web ver. because its easier to use it than mobile. The connectivity issues are the problem in the app. Its great and all but sometimes it can just be a huge mess. All in all, its an okay app. It can improve and I hope it does. Must have

Hate that I'll be scrolling through my feed and images won't load at all. My Internet connection is connected and strong /: Just wow

Love this backwards community. Haven't been able to escape the vortex since 15. As the great Britney Spears once said, "You're toxic I'm slipping under." Good. 5 star

This app is great and all the only one have stuck with for do long, but wanted to know what the hell is wrong with the connection? I can't connect on app, I can't connect on web, and sometimes it cuts in the middle of my conversations, so how am I supposed to reply to my friend.. So please fix it. Awesome

I have a suggestion, please hear me out. Can it be possible for us to switch between Tumblrs which has different emails? I am managing two Tumblrs with different emails, I would deeply appreciate if I can switch between those easily without having to log out in one Tumblr. Maybe you could make it possible, thank you. Tumblr stays amazing every passing day. Enjoy it!

I use tumblr a lot tbh, but lately it's been getting more and more annoying as the app constantly tosses me to the top of my dash whenever I check any other app and even when leaving a personal blog after checking IT out! Not only that, but it's constantly telling me it can't upload my posts/reblogs because its connection to any network at all is garbage half the time. Oh, and pictures are notorious for not loading, this is unacceptable! Make a better functioning app, please!!! Go well

Eats data faster then anything. Doesn't work well with lots of gifs even on really high end devices s7/s8. And it just randomly stopped letting me post anything. I always get errors now. Good

at some point, i cant reblog photos and i get notifications saying that something is wrong. I don't know if I've reached my post limit (if that still exists, but i get it more often) Worth it!

Kinda glitchy on Android O. Allot of "sit and spin" moments waiting for the feed to update. It's like a slot machine of fun posts where you are always a winner! Snappy and stable app! Highly Recommend.

I wish you had more say in what ads come up. Certain ones really bug me. I love the app itself. It's one of my top 2 most used apps. wow lol

This app is absolutely amazing. For everyone to use!! Although keep in mind that a lot on this app is very suggestive and might not be appropriate for kids. Good thing they have a filter for that uwu Recommend

I love Tumblr! It's a great app to kill time with and I always find tons of stuff to make me smile. Marvelous

Not entirely user friendly. Enjoyable, but things that should open the app take you to the play store so you can download the app when you've already downloaded it Not bad

This app is fun to use, there's great artists, funny memes, all kinds of photos and enjoyable things. And gifs, but if you have [really] low bars expect to not see the photos or gifs loading. Reasonable amount of bars, it's pretty fun-tastic! Perfect

So sad, tumblr di blokir di Indonesia. Padahal baik buruknya konten itu tergantung dari penggunanya, semoga aja pemerintah bisa mengkaji ulang kebijakannya ini Awesome

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