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This is an amazing app... The only problems are that there's an add every five seconds and after a while on iFunny, this app stopped altogether, and it wasn't even near the end of the song. But overall,4 stars. Pretty good

I loovvvvvveeee it So good people must get! You can download you tube vids! Too that's class people... So watcha watin 4 get it now Brilliant

The app is extremely helpful. The only reason I did not give this app 5stars is because it can't highlight a hole section to download, so it takes awhile to get all of your songs. Just wow

Lovin It All are okay for me but just wanna say that ads keep coming out when i want to download it, kinda irritates me but this app is the best! love it

DA BEST;)!!!!!!!!!!! it's accurate and everything u want and need is there.whatever music u want is there or videos.its all first i thought it was illegal to download off of youtube ,but Ever since i saw this app i became happy.if u want this app U WILL NEVER REGRET DOWNLOADING IT:). Pretty good

It is ok It's quick and convenient but it keeps showing black screen after a download like it's froze on me but the other times works fine Must have

So far it works great, don't like that there is a virus ad that does not let me click off of it. But found everything I'm looking for. Pretty good

Really easy to use and super useful. I thought this was gonna be real bad but it was actually really good. Plus you can do some other things on it too. Love it. Worth a go!

Love it Works perfectly and very easy user interface. Earned my 5 stars which i dont give out to easily i might add! GREAT APP! Perfect!

Thank god I wanted to edit videos for so long but i couldnt because i couldnt save videos to make them. Now that i found this app my life just got saved!! Thank you who ever made this so much!!!! Worth it!

Useful I can download videos from youtube and converts it into mp3 format. It also saves the song directly into my phone. Muito bom!

Amazing Love it I cant download videos and its amazing 10/10 amazing love it so much and its very handy!! Must have

Spastic Skulls you're a spastic it does let you download video's retard. But this is the best thing ever love it

Excellent, don't need my laptop to download videos! Download the videos you want. Then use a "Video to audio/music converter" and boom. You now have plain audio! Just wow

useful & easy thank you! this works perfectly and easy to use. now i can download truck videos for my son :-) Marvelous

Harsh rater This was such a cool app seriously it just like YouTube snd then every video you can just dowload it omg it soo amazing seriously i just dont kno how to put da video on full screen love it

Great app , Very very useful and easy to use.I highly recommend this app.the best video downloader I came across so far. A thumb up for this app.keep it up Pretty good

Keeps telling me i have viruses on my phone Ads pop up and when i close them another ad pops up saying i have viruses. Fix this and will give 5 stars Worth it!

Awsome This app is very easy to use and the downloads are quick the only thing that annoys me is the adds overall cool app Works great

Amazing Easy to use, quickly and simple, automaticly downloads from any different applications. The only thing bad about it is that the aesthetics in the app don't match the original application but it's not that annoying. And there could be less advertisements to. Only good things to say about this. Fabulous!

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