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Amazing Easy to use, dependable and does not irritate you with lots of adverts and pop ups. Love it Awesome

Fantastic Working perfect and so nice best among other apps you deserve more than 5 star but since there's no way to rate more than 5 manage the 5 thanks for your great work. Enjoy it!

good YouTube/Facebook Downloader/Converter easy to use, can get any song i think of, pity i can't pick where to download to (my SD Card instead of phone storage).. but overall, better than TubeMate. recommend to all- Amazing!

Uhh great app oh yeah it's fantastic, (no it's not) it was working at first but when I hit download it just goes black I uninstall the app, and I reinstall it but it does the same thing Enjoy it!

I love it but.... I love this app but there is a problem the problem is that app doesn't download songs from sound cloud and i hate this Go well

its useful . like it everything is perfect but there too much ads . its annoyed me . but i still like it Great job

Finally! Im looking for an app that could DL youtube video and others...most of them are just for adds...then finally this came up...i can DL now music video that my daughter like to watch and sing with... tnx! Well done!!

Really easy and cool:) This is one of the best apps to download videos this is really easy and cool thanks creator for making a awesome app Just wow

Nice, it's working It's working, not like the other downloader that they say its good, but when you used it always forced stop or error.. this is good even though your browsing for the other video or else that you want to download. Muito bom!

Can you fix it please? When I open the app it goes straight to Google search. I look for a song and it tells me YouTube is not supported by the app. Awesome

Very nice It is good (though I still haven't found out how to use it) but there are no ads and it will be easy for me to watch my favorite you tube videos without Internet. THIS IS AMAZING Muito bom!

Easy and simple This is amazing. The best thing ever!!!!!!!!! Easy and simple. Story: I wanted to get a song so I opened the app and went to YouTube. I searched the song, downloaded it. When I looked in my music app, it had all of the information and album art. Truly the best app for music I've ever gotten. Get this Fantastic

Best downloader ever! Thank you for making this application. So very usefull! Muito bom!

Great downloading app! Usually google don't allow these kind of apps, but this one seemed to have been allowed, and it works great! You can download in the background too, and queue up downloads (I've queued up 5 rn :3). Although, pausing it is very weird on playback? Skips forward 1 second and doesn't stop. Cool

I could cry happy tears! So, I'm a drummer for my church that has been away from drumming for almost 20 years. I also live in a area where internet is not only expensive but difficult to get. This app allowed me to download the song list with ease without fighting constant delay of downloading and even better I am saving a little from all the replaying off the internet I do! I am seriously crying happy tears of relief right now! Pretty good

I can find all the songs i want!!! Better than any other music download apps. Whoever downloads a music downloader which usnt THIS one, then ur making a mistake. Superb!

The Real Deal! This is by far the easiest,fastest,and the most reliable downloader app.I highly recommend this to those who are in search of a downloader app that truly works, unlike many other faulty or complicated downloader apps. Good

Its Awesome! I could download shows and movies, using the internet. It goes on your gallery and you can watch movies and shows with out the internet! And it's FREE! 5 star

Wonderful app This app has been useful to me, solve the problem of downloading from youtube, recommended by me for all Go well

I normally don't write reviews but after searching for days I finally found one that works. Only downfall is it does have a lot of adds. But still worth it. Flawless

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