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It really works. This app is great and can download any video, movie, music and so much more. Keep up the good work! Just wow

Good Download This is really nice instead of me having to use my data on music I could just download it Awesome

not much space and awesome!! awesome app you can download the best video plus nit much space!!!!cool and mlg Marvelous

Its great !! Its a really useful app but i hope it gets a bit faster . Anyway keep up the good work Well done!!

Lets you download videos (convert to mp3) youtube has all the music so its great Works perfectly

Be careful! It does what it says - fast down load of videos but then it keeps telling you to download another software which keeps warning you, that your phone has a virus. This software will not let you exit. I have deleted it and reinstalled but the problem continued. A second issue is that this video downloader constantly wants you to rate it a 5, regardless if you want to or not. Muito bom!

Hey, it's pretty good I really enjoy this app, but the only reason it's not getting a 5 star is because I always get interrupted by advertisements when I try to download something. Superb!

Really good app, but way too many ads The app works almost perfectly, as long as you don't mind getting an ad every 2 seconds, I would have given it 5 stars, but there's just too many ads Great!

Loved It There are some ads but either way not to many like other apps and I love it.Thank you for creating this wonderful app of yours. Worth it!

Noodle Salad I want it to stop bugging me about this. The app is good, we all know it's good, it's just a little needy. You've got to remember to buy it a ring and surprise it with breakfast sometimes to show you care. That's how you make a relationship work. Perfect

Possibly The Best App Of Its Kind On Play Store. Great app. Certainly worth spending a minute rating. It's trouble finding apps like this that are consistent. I would've been stuck on a few things if I didn't cop this Recommend

Tooooo cool Have no idea why some of the guys are complaining.. App makers>> thumbs up thanks for keepin it simple n cool Omg

Best not joking Omg thank u Sooo much for this app its really good that I can download from YouTube every time when I want to download from app its just a lie. And this app is the best that I found but if I take off the ads will be much bettet. Still love it thank u soooooo much 5 star

The Best! Worth for Two Thumbs up! Easy to use and has many options. I tried other downloader apps but this is the Best video downloader so far. Two thumbs up for this app :-) ;-) Flawless

Intresting Am newly using it, so i cant say much about it yet but it seems to be amaizing cus i dowloaded few videos dat i needed Works perfectly

Finally An app that does what it says it is going to do! I'm not putting down any other apps that lay claim to doing whatever, I'm just really glad I stumbled across this one! Works great

Great app. But..n Great app, easy to use and fastest download. The only thing that bother is ads keeps pop out when want to download. Overall this is a great app Muito bom!

Awesome! Description can be misleading, but in a good way. It claims to only let you download videos BUT when you select the type of download you can just pick MP3 and BOOM! The best music Downloader straight from Youtube! Not bad

I get choked up with the amazingness of this app I expected it to download low quality mp3 files with tag "unknown artist". This is the complete opposite! Goodbye spotify! Goodbye pandora! I wont miss you! IF YOU LIKE MUSIC, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DOWNLOAD THIS APP Not bad

I LOVE IT This is the best thing ever! I can download whatever music I want!! And it's also fast and easy to use! Pretty good

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