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Tube video downloader I love this app, I have had it on ALL of my smart phones, tablets, and I pods. Its amazing. I recommend that everyone delete whatever app they have right now and get this exact app. However, there is one thing. I'd say that the problem is not everyone has this app. GET THIS APP!!!! Not bad

Works great... but... Very easy to use and works really well. My only issue is that it will say that the song you're listening to is something else. For example) it said one of my Hamilton songs was by Ariana Grande and had her cover art. The audio was fine. It was just labeled wrong. And I have like 30 songs that have the cover art of Liam Neeson ' s Non- Stop movie about the plane???? Why??? Omg

Amazing!!! Hey guys. Just want you to all !know thag this is an AMAZING app to download music. Ive seen reviews saying that its not that great bc its cjanges the name completely, and i know how to fix that. Its a bit tedious but u need to download musicmatch. There you can change the name properly and everything! Just letting yall know Worth it!

It doesn't work anymore. So, I got this app about 2 weeks ago, and everything worked fine. I could download videos as mp4's and I was happy with it. However, recently the app isnt allowing me to download mp4's and forced me to download the files as mp3 instead. I even went as far as trying to download a video that I previously downloaded, to no avail. Alas, I don't know what the problem is and it frustrates me because the app was working just fine before. wow lol

Nice / Convenient Some of my day I spend out of wifi and data range. This app is perfect for me to stay "connected" via my downloads without actually being connected all the time. (Not to mention data savings for repeated listening). I LIKE it. It gets confused sometimes, but I'm guessing they'll get the bugs worked out soon enough. Highly Recommend.

One of the best apps ive used. I recommend!!! :D It was a little slow sometimes and that same add keeps popping up. But i still think its an awesome app. I use it for making YouTube videos and listening to music for free. Its AMAZING and i even recommended it to MY mother! Lol! ;3 5 star

Good app I am trying to get videos of Kasper Tait for my instagram fan account and save them on my phone. I could download them in the begging few days but now i can only get the audio. If you could help me get the videos to my camera roll that would be amazing Flawless

Love this app But since the last update, I am no longer able to see the artists name/album cover when it finishes downloading. Please, please fix this! Good

Wow I never knew it was this easy.. Takes less than ten seconds to find pretty much any song in the world and download it. Didn't even know this was possible :D love it

Best App On My Phone. Since the demise of most Mp3 search apps. I thought I would never be able to find a app to find and download my music. I only use the YouTube search on the app. Even there are others. YouTube has every song and artist that you can think of. The song is usually downloaded to my phone before the intro music has ended and the lyrics have begun. Fantastic app. Go well

Great, but there's a problem... Great app, I just downloaded the app so I'm not sure if it was an update, but YouTube videos only give me an MP3 music option. Yesterday night, I was able to download 8 vdeos!(Not at once though), please fix this. I'm not sure if it's because downloading YouTube videos is illegal or what. All I do is download videos in HD, put them on a memory stick/thumb drive, and plug it into my flat screen. Not for illegal uses. Anyway, fix this, I'll give it 5 stars, I was planning on doing so yesterday, but I didn't. Not bad

HELP PLZ I have used this app for a while and I really like it, but now for some reason it is only allowing me to download the audio. I don't know how to change it back to downloading the actual video. If u could help me out, that would be great. Thanks Worth it!

Ads I love this app just wish there weren't as many ads that froze it from time to time. I know ads are what makes things free but in btwn every song and every other thing you do is a bit much Worth it!

Good but.... Its amazing, but after the last update it no longer shows the artist/album when I download them. Its not the end of the world, but I'd prefer you fix it. I really liked that about this app. I think its because now whenever you download them it puts " - YouTube" after it, so it messes it up. Please fix, but otherwise great app. ××edit×× I don't know why people keep complaining about the ads. You think they're gonna make an app like this for free...? The ads are worth it. You can legit get any song you want.. Perfect

Please fix it It's a great app but I had this app for a while and it changed my downloading sites and says that I can't go to YouTube because it's not supported. I'm only allowed to download from Vimeo, but it useless doesn't let me download it as a song. Only videos. Highly Recommend.

fantastic this is the best downloading app that i install to my phone, i can easily download videos and music! its really great!!! love it

The only app who has given me what I need No more further comments. The best video downloader app ever. Goodjob and thank u Highly Recommend.

In can be slowish Even though it's slow pretty rate but still keeps going it's the first music app that will actually download music to my phone for some far the best Not bad

love this app This is the best video downloading app that I have ever used so far. I didn't really imagine that downloading hd videos could be this easy Brilliant

Best investment EVER It's so easy it's Crazy. I will have this for the rest of my life, only if the pop ups stop that's the one and only bad thing about the APP Just wow

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