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The content is beautiful,so is the app. What's best is its simplicity. I would like if you add the feature of reading tales by tags soon. Works perfectly

One suggestion: make names of writers clickable so that people can follow their favorite authors and have a look at all of their ttts at once. Also, can you please do the same for categories such as musing, rants, 140, etc. Brilliant

I'm editing the old review. Page is great. App is great. And got the new G+ update too! Loving it:) Perfect

This is just an awesome app... Really the best..Even I do write poems and short stuff like it's shown in the app so just wanna know how it should be uploaded Worth it!

This is a review just after few minutes from download. Kudos to Developer and contributers! Just amazingly synced to give beautiful experience using the app 5 star

Content is beautiful but the app falls pale in comparison.It needs a lot more features like adjusting screen resolution and sorting to name a few. Fantastic

Loved it !But any idea how can we submit our own written tiny tales? Would love to add to it... Go well

I love terribly tiny tales and the option to sign in with google have made the app even better. Keep up the good work, guys.❤ Awesome

Does the app let me post stories for the world to see? I know this isn't a review. Lol. Works great

I'm taking back my earlier review as the app now permits a google login. Loving it! Good

First thing first it has a beautiful interface and cutely minimalistic. Lots of love for the team. Well done!!

The overall idea of the app is amazing.........its too is a platform for readers and writers....... But i want to post my stories too.....and how do i so that??? Fabulous!

An excellent app that lets anyone interested in microwriting explore some.of the most impactful stories along a spectrum of styles and subjects. Perfect!

I want to share my own Tiny tales on the app What should I do so that my writings will to be read by the world? Flawless

I like it ..But how can I share the text/story to my friends? or can you just add a copy option?.Hope you guys can add .ASAP Great job

Really intoxicating content but would love to add a few words myself.. Plz add that option..and an index would be great too Worth a go!

I'd love it if I could post my thoughts as well...but I'm sure if there's an option for that... Please lemme post thoughts too... Is there any way? Superb!

Hey, I loved the app and the tales are absolutely amazing, it's just the font, the font is too small to be read. And there's no zoom in option, so it's sort of difficult to read those amazing tales. Only if you can do something about it. (: Just wow

It's very amazing...I liked it...and I hoped you can read and imagine how you feel it...It's such a nice app. Great!

Thank god you guys made an's amazing to be connected to these tales always Must have

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