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Great stories. Great app. Everything's great. One thing I'd like to mention in particular - I admire the fact that Team TTT replies to everybody. That's really rare. Lots of love, A reader Pretty good

Dear TTT Nice work! While I'm sure categorizing stores by genre of my choice is a work-in-progress at your end, do include a feature to slice stories on the basis of word limit as well. For example, personally I prefer to read stories less than 8 lines (40 words). Regards. Pretty good

i would like to give 5 stars because I like the idea. but i can't see more then one story. only one story is displayed. and there is both fb and Google login option available but I can't login by Google. Worth a go!

Loved your app.. It would be great if there was a section for stories that were marked as favorite so, we could read them again. Worth it!

It's a good app with scope for improvement! However I love swiping and have access to beautiful and unique stories. Keep up the good work! Waiting to see more! Great!

It might be good if the app had an option of sending or submitting our write ups directly Flawless

Cool, love it when the first time I use it.. Perfect

Double tap to exit? Please? Just a few lines in onBackPressed() and you're done. Thanks. Cool

Finally. No more endless scrolling on Instagram pages. A great initiative, this and it'll bring more readers in. For sure. Just one suggestion: could you perhaps categorize stories according to their tags so that the users can access stories of the similar genre. Bar that, kudos to the TTT team. You guys have revolutionised micro literature and I'm never tired of diving into your stories. Just keep doing what you're doing. Cheers and best of luck!! love it

The theme and function of app is quite well. But needs a tweaks to get better. Readers would enjoy more if they had the choice of the format they want to read and look at other works of the writers they love. In all a good app. Sure will fill your heart and your appetite for reading something different every time. Nice work ttt team keep it up ^_^ Surprisingly

I like the idea of this app but it has some ux problems. Gestures are not used wisely. For swiping left or right there is no animation informing the user that it is being swiped. Also swiping from left corner can be used to open the drawer menu. I think these are the obvious ux things that should be present in the app. Although great app with subtle design. Great job!!! Cool

I LOVE THIS APP. But we should have an option to click on the tag to read similar tales...This feature would make the app more popular and people would get exposed to a wide range of the beautiful tales that are there in the app. I simply love the app though. Some moving, some inspiring, some thrilling tales in not more that 120 words is just what I have always wanted!❤ Marvelous

when i posted this few days back "i don't use fb account. i read your stories on instagram. consider the login with gmail or instagram. i do want to have access to this brilliant thing called ttt app."... i got an immediate reply that now the app even has a gmail login... what can i say, u people are awesome.. i love your work and now love your services too... too happy Enjoy it!

Loved the idea behind this app. However there are some things I want would like to point out - The swipe feature doesn't work at all. There should be a search bar too, because it would be great if we could search based on genre.. That's the only reason I refrained myself from giving you a 5 Omg

I have an idea if you may consider? Till now we have to open the app to read stories which took lil time. What if we add notification stories like highest rated or most liked stories on your fb/insta page will be displayed making reader more curious and letting him/her to click on the app. It will make it more flexible too!? Recommend

It's great but lately I have been having problems. It shows a connection problem and tellse to retry even though the network is strong enough. It would be really helpful if you can get that fixed. My phone is an Intex cloudQ11 with Android version 6.0 Muito bom!

Kudos for the app! But it still needs a lot of modifications. Please provide a compose option and search options as well. If possible allow people to Follow others.. it's gonna be great! ;) Highly Recommend.

The stories look nice....but I don't know how to read more than one tale in any do u go to new stories section? I tried a lot....swiping, waiting, re-opening....but nothing works. Can someone help me please? Pretty good

The app needs a lot of work, i have swiped every which way possible and still am unable to read the next tale. Topic wise or a vague categorization will be really helpful. wow lol

There should have been an option to search our friends or the writer by tapping on the name or searching them nd also follow them for future stories.. and should give an option to write nd post story directly in the app Amazing!

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