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You say read tales by tag is coming soon. But it has been a year. Please update. Well done!!

I'm not sure if I did a wise thing by installing this application while my exams are just a few weeks away. I love it! Great job! Eagerly waiting for the "Read tales by tag" option. :) Thank you Anuj Gosalia, Chintan Ruparel and the wonderful team! Must have

Bubbles are awesome but want bubbles in frequent manner! atleast a bubble in a day! Good

(Edit:) - >>> This is absolutely brilliant! (I meant, ttt is...) now to the app... 1 . Yay Gmail sign-in... Thanks 2 . search option plz? 3. gr8 minimalistic app design! 4. Bubbles are amazing... Works great

I like how the micro fiction has been presented but I think there should be an option where users can submit their own writings. I'm very interested in adding my own tales to these. Else, the app is exceptionally well organized. Cool

Most of the time when I swipe, I m notified "connection isn't well" or something like that ( inspite of good connection). Earlier, it used to be smooth but I have recently started facing this issue. Rest, full stars to you guys ! Surprisingly

The contents are aesthetically wonderfull, but i wish there should be option to navigate stories by tag, otherwise 5 stars for this gorgeous application. love it

Wonderful to see a micro fiction company coming out with an app. ttt never ceases to amaze me with the collection of its stories and tales Perfect

The stories are great as always, but I am having a good deal of trouble to swipe a story and going to the next. It says swipe left for the next story, somehow it's not working and I am stuck with one story for quite a long time. Please fix this ttt. Good

Hey TTT, if it's not a problem could you please provide an alternative to the sign-in procedure? Something like sending a temporary sign-in email would be great. Enjoy it!

The stories are great and it gives me motivation to do something in life and not waste it Thank you for making this app It is really helpful to me Marvelous

Hey! I have a query for the TTT team. I have just downloaded the app and want to know if I can add my writings on the app. I'm not on Instagram or Facebook. Please let me know. I really love the black and white theme of the app. It looks very cool and the content is all excellent. I would love to add a few of mine. Perfect!

Team TTT, I think introducing categories in menu will be a big improvement. Like Short Stories, Mini Stories, Long Essays, Poetry, Most Liked etc. It will help the User to read the specific stuff according to desire and mood. Works great

The app is based on a really great idea. I love the thought behind it. The only thing that disappoints me is that you can't post your own creations on it. It would be really more amazing to have our thoughts pen downed too you know Worth it!

I would really like to be able to post from within the app. And if I already can do this I'm not entirely sure my app is working properly. wow lol

Dear TTT Nice work! While I'm sure categorizing stories by genre of my choice is a work-in-progress at your end, do include a feature to slice stories on the basis of word limit as well. For example, personally I prefer to read stories less than 8 lines (40 words). Regards. Superb!

Why not add an option of submitting stories in the app itself? It takes much greater effort to open browser, go to the site and then make a submission. I hope you add this feature soon. App is awesome, needs improvements, so four stars :) Surprisingly

I like it but why cant i write and post as well? How do others submit their work because I am not seeing a way to do that. Also would like to be able to read more from those whose poetry I enjoy or collections i like. Amazing!

Nice app by the way. One feature that I could recommend is if you allow entries from interested writers through the app itself. Also, a day and night mode switching Great!

Just love it. The simple interface and the relatable yet beautifully penned content makes this app a permanent resident in my recent apps drawer. Just wish there was some way to reach out to the writers and tell them just how much I appreciated their stories Well done!!

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