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Black screen for last 2 mins. Using OnePlus 3T. Latest Android. Pretty sure the phone is okay. Works perfectly

An excellent app which is totally worth installing. Beautiful contents and a great space for creative minds. Superb work from TTT team and their content writers. I loved this app and the bubble feature is awesome. Good

A great application for the existing and new users. Fabulous, specially the UI is amazing.. simple and efficient. Can never comment on your content and the stories you got there are great. At the end Sheer treat for the reader Muito bom!

The stories stay with you for a long time. I hope though, that the writers write less violence and depressing context. I'm not ready at all times to be bombarded with such melancholy. Or if there would be a section header in the app, related to the tags, it would be great. Great!

Absolutely incredible...I just started using this app and much unique and creative stuff... amazing collection and writers...I wish I could give more than 5 stars....I have started writing too ..:) good job developers \m/ Fantastic

The app has very good tales which make you feel all emotions on the spectrum. I think a search feature should be added to the app. I wanted to read a tale again and could not find it even after swiping left for half an hour. Must have

Doesn't seem to work with Samsung Nougat update, as do a lot of apps now. It seems like a very nice app, I just havent been able to use it. Perfect!

Hey there How can i post my own tales on ttt app? I could not find an option there rather than pen name ... Kindly guide? Worth it!

It's a great app! I rarely put reviews, and this one deserves it. Only 4 stars, since I have a hard time swiping left when I am at the tales section. Overall, it's working fine! Omg

I have seen this in the adv of hdfc and it was soo inspiring and i dont deny it's worth it ...keep moving ahead lord bless you GOOD LUCK team TTT Great!

This is the best app I have ever installed. I follow ttt on instagram as well. I want to submit my story as well so it is published but I'm not able to do. If anyone can help me I would be glad Muito bom!

it's an incredibly awesome app loved it just one suggestion if i want to copy or share tale to friend or someone special I can't. i hope you can do something about it. Highly Recommend.

One of the best applications. I was trying out various apps recently, I think I am going to keep this app for a while. A few of best things are no ads, no subscriptions, easy ui, types of stories for variety of audience. One suggestion I thought of is to separate the story types and let reader choose one or many types. This way one need not swipe the stories one is not interested in. After all ignoring is a disrespect to the talent. Cheers for the team for putting together a wonderful resource. Great job

This app is really great, I love it. Whats missing is better description whats "bubble" etc. Also, I'd add adding to some folders, not just bookmarks. And whats a big deal, you cant put your own content though app. But it has really nice design and I luv it. Worth a go!

The touch feed needs to be improved a bit i think, sometimes the page is hanging a bit in my case, it perhaps would be great if there is a section where we can revisit what articles we have loved.. and reading by tags would always be welcome..a great app a great initiative..#readgoodlivebetter Cool

Really amazing app and really amazing stories to read. I read it all day and I'm basically addicted to this app. Well I just want one addition that we can submit our stories directly through the app. It would be really easy and time saving. Thanking the team x Flawless

Love this app. Love the content and everything. I just wish we could submit our tales directly in the app instead of having to go to the website Fabulous!

This is one of the best app. I would love to rate it 5, if we get an option to read tales by tag & to submit content. Please fix this in next update Great job

Hi.. just installed dis app... Is dere an option to write tales in d app.. I couldnt find one.ty Worth a go!

The content of ttt have always blown me away..but this app does have issues... Mainly once u go into the bubbles menu... I can't come back to tales irrespective of how many times I try. Awesome

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