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Don't understand how a text based app could be so laggy. Seems like you're adopting a cross platform solution to fit the budget. Apart from dark theme, this app needs a lot of work, shouldn't be that hard to go native! And please let users skip the sign-in step, it's annoying! Love the content btw :) Pretty good

Wat a terrible app . May be it's just 10 mins from the time I installed the app I m reviewing this , Launched the app for the first time and it's almost 5-7 mins this app shows me a black screen. Tried it again and again by relaunching the results are same. Amazing!

Nice app!! White text on black background is kind of irritating to read..hope u will do sumthing abt that... A lovely, simple app Well done!!

It has all the more made itself bewitching and insightful. With new concepts flooding in, each time one accesses it, it's like dwelling into something new. Brilliant

Content is beautiful but the app falls pale in comparison.It needs a lot more features like adjusting screen resolution and sorting to name a few. love it

The app content is very good. But there is a problem is sliding to the next post. The app just doesn't want to switch between posts. Omg

Add the feature in app so that anyone can write their own thoughts/poems this way it will app more engaging and the unheard/budding writer like us will finally have a community to share their thoughts and get feedback Good

I installed it cuz I really love ttts....and I had a question as well... can I post the tales written by me? cuz I've written some things or tales but I don't know how to post it in the app..... thanks for creating such an awesome app Brilliant

Super awesome app. Great for words lover like me.. Just one request being black in background consumes lot of power as needs to increase brightness any other color combination would be great to have :) Brilliant

Hey, ttt! Hello from Mumbai. Just another reader. Well, this app is really helpful for people like me who are fearful of running out of stuff to read. A request though- read by tag, please make it functional as soon as possible. I can only imagine and grin what wonders would it do to me (and other readers, of course). Another suggestion would be the tales on pictures (or something similar) like how the community works on social medias. It makes them really attractive and appealing for us readers. Thank you anyways. All the love. Worth a go!

Can anyone please tell me where do I find stories that I have loved here.. i couldn't find any functionality of that here.. so that I can re-read the story I liked Perfect

This app is great... U get to read some real good works on here. Few are sad and relatable while few are... In a way, inspirational and relaxing. But... Can I write my own works for others to read on this app? I'll be grateful if u can reply. Enjoy it!

Recently installed but this is going to be most used app of my phone, A Great initiative by @TTT team. But it would be great if we can submit our tales directly from app. Brilliant

Its a wonderful app for people like me who loves to read tiny short tales. And bubbles are like cherry on the cake. Amazing. Need more bubbles please and try posting them faster. ❤ Recommend

Thanku so much chintan and Anuj sir for giving us beautiful application , I loved it at first sight , I am going to buy your Volume 1 tiny tales and I hope this book was also gorgeous :) Cool

One of the best apps I've ever used ... Great job

I like the idea very much and many of the really short stories too. But I don't like how the app works. For instance, I expected to be able to read more from an author if I clicked on the name. That did not work. Also double clicking a story makes it a favourite, that I find a little too easy to do accidentally. And the bubble thing is confusing: what is it for? Why not a simple FAQ for starters? And some kind of history would be nice, because I don't want to use bookmarks to keep track of my readings. Uninstalling because of lack of intuitive design as explained above. Great!

Such a nice app.. I am kinda obsessed with this app.. It helped me to write more... Great job! Enjoy it!

It is a damn beautiful app and with the best stories that can be. Just that there are very less stories on tales and bubble. But definitely can't cancel one whole star for this petty complaint. It would be so much better to have more [140] tales. :) Great job

I absolutely loved this app. The contents in this app is truly hearttouching. Salute for the efforts of the team. Well, I have also submitted my tale through the link. Now waiting for response.. Just wow

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