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AliPlanet serves its purpose after its transformation from TTPod in accordance with its strategic shift, though the shift can't be regarded as successful as expected. The innovative way of interaction gives ease for fans of their idols. The developers did a fantastic job. For those who are accustomed to TT's classic functions, please go to Xiami, which has multi language interface and is also by Alibaba. For those who just complain about language issues, can't you learn Chinese? Works great

Too slow n most songs can't play The older version was a 5 star...everything ran smoothly except for IP error ....but I loved it ...I then lost my phone...with this new phone I decided to use ttpod again only to find that its incompetent..... Downloading a song takes ages....too just keeps skipping thru songs with play error showing when trying to play songs online....what's wrong with u guys....from no.1 - a scale of 1-100!!!!!if its not fixed then u losing me.....and my friends too..IP restriction your arse!!!! Worth a go!

I love this app I have been using this . It is a great app . But can't it be fully tranlsted into English because i can't understand chinese also the new update . I can't find the local music files . Flawless

I love this music app.. without this app I music is impossible to me.. but #language is one problem.. n undated version I can't see my playllist.. so please solve it.. 5 star

Vry good app. Best music app I ever used bt plz add English language to the language to make it more flexible Fabulous!

Loved it Been using for so many years, from my Nokia Symbian to Android phones, but I really detest this latest update, can't even understand anything, Pls we need language options so as to choose English, kindly work on that Pls, thanks Cool

Best App This is the best app ever. This app is very nice, but I can't decode the Chinese language and it's giving me some difficulties 5 star

Chinese Language I so love this music Enjoy it!


It realllly rocks.. For me it's the best music player app for android...Must try.....only problem is the language is not available in English but still i would rate it 1000 stars.. The auto lyrics saving feature is awesome... Superb!

I love it since Symbian for it's great functions, But!! Some bugs with lyrics, sometimes it stop auto scrolling with the song, and please support material design, stop following IOS guidelines this is Android Stupids!!! Enjoy it!

So good but...... I know it is good but when I try to login I put my email but it cannot login even if I use we chat it say I never download but I did download so please fix it wow lol

Awesome music player It is the best music player I've ever used. The most remarkable ability is that it allows user to download songs while in the music player Fabulous!

It like this app It would be better if I can play songs from my music folder I create not necessary I must create a new playlist on Ttpod first. I'll would appreciate if you can add that Omg

Add one more feature It lacks one feature which is: when you plug out your ear phones or head phones the app should automatically Exit not just stop Flawless

good but More language is needed... and.... more lyric add pls.... I want lyrics in any song in any language.... Fantastic

Love Love this app so freaking bad, but I think developers should add more language. So hard to understand Mandarin Works great

Damn awesome The best music app ever but please we need full time English version I mean not all of us are Chinese men and women please for the sake of China give us a translated version 5 star

welcome back but... I love this player so much I use this since my first Android phone, I can use the online last time with my ip address, but seriously you restricted Indonesia ip for now? Go well

My fvrt player Since i was used symbian until android . i always like it very much.. Unfortunately i can enjoy online service. I do not know why.. Muito bom!

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