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You act like one time it asked me to act like a gorilla for 1 minute and I did it 2 Cool

I like it but sometimes it will pop up with yucky fares or things that are to personal and that's why I mostly do kids but when I am partying I do adult Not bad

Thanks for "add dare"option. But please remove the ad bar in the bottom. Its more annoying than ad Awesome

This game is really fun, when i went to my best friends house she installed this on her phone. It was so much fun and we played it for a long time. :) Surprisingly

Its ok but I hate the adds however if the adds weren't on this app it would be a 5 but don't let me put you down. Carry on making awesome games like this! Great job

It's ok but there are way to many ads in the game I think they should not do that any more Well done!!

lovely Must have

I think it's a great game me and my mates did it and we had a total laugh some are a little dirty but the only fault I could find is you don't add the new jokes or dares Pretty good

Ads are much too frequent. It slows the pace of the game. Plus they are 30 second ads in comparison to other games which are kept to 5 seconds. love it

I actually love this app, it has really fun dares like putting your underwear over your clothes ( Worth a go!

I think is a really fun app to bring out on game with with whoever. Bit they need to stop playing through the same ones when one person gets that same question four times. Other than that it's a good ap Enjoy it!

Verrrry good add more dares to evefy section but one thing pleeeee3eeeeeeease take out the ads or this game isnt perfect take out some or all the ads and man you got the best game tht ever existed Surprisingly

Booted up the surface of mars and Venus Williams said mean sorry I want circus baby closer Marvelous

I like this app because it has fun dares and truths. But one thing it disgusting about this app is after every two -three truths or dares the adds come and this is if you stop pitting the ads every time then I would date it a 5 star. But all the best for you guys and make more fun app like this Go well

I love this game like there are modes for kids teen and adults it's fun to play with u can even add your own dares and truths like it's fantastic u should download this❤ Awesome

It's was pretty fun but it had an add before and after every single turn I kinda wish that they would let me play more than watch adds Fantastic

This game is very nice. I play this game with my friends. But the add makes it boring Worth a go!

When i play truth or dare with my friends and family we all fell relaxed and empowered by the game so its quite a great game of fame.❤ 5 star

I think its pretty funny because i played it with my little cuz in and ot said to twerk for 5 minutes strate it was u halarious wow lol

Very fun to play with my beast friend. Fun app just to play with you self to. Must have

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