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Review update: Two years later I'll still leave it at 5 stars....another 2 years still in love!!!! The new stability update has made it even smoother!!!!!! Brilliant

Good game but not yet supported for Samsung Galaxy S8+ latest software update. Please update because i lost all my data which include 10 items that i spent for a total of £15.32 Good

Ive veen playing this game since i found it in 2015 i love this game ill always play it never gets old...thanks ea sports and to every one who had in involvement in making this game possible....i highly recommend this Awesome

The best skate game on the market. Can fix crooks on ledges they just dont grind! Not bad

True Axis I have bought your game a long time ago and I haven't got any maps is there a reason for this? Muito bom!

App is fun but the game is littered with bugs such as buying a new board and it becomes instantly damaged. With the most recent update I lost ALL my boards that i had saved up over months. Im not happy with the developers at all. Well done!!

Not having Facebook hinders the quality of the app. I loved this app until, I deleted my Facebook. It demands me to login everytime I want to the menu screen. Other than that, the app is decent. Flawless

Love the game, can't get a greater skateboard game on Android right now. The only thing is that almost everything in the game cost money including the game itself. Cool

Good game but hasn't worked since newest android update and I just downloaded and paid for it, oneplus 5t Cool

It's really fun but you guys should put in a map that you can buy with true credits and I wish you could actually make your own maps to Pretty good

Been playing for 5 years and buy the parks. After all that time playing I would really love to see multiplayer sessions, where you can see other peoples boards as they do tricks. Would make it alittle less lonely. But otherwise a 10/10 must try! Pretty good

The only thing that keeps this a five star rating from my opinion is the fact that it takes so long to build credits. Even with the missions Worth it!

I used to be able to play it but it keeps kicking me out now. I would rate 5 stars if this wasn't a problem Great!

Saved up to the max of 100k true credits, bought a 20k enjoi board, then bought the 40k Mullen uber light board. Said I didn't buy either of them but still took my credits so I bought the Mullen board again with the last 40k and still says I dont have it. I literally wasted a 100k credits I want them back Must have

Not a bad game it's a little weird to play at first but after a little practice it's addicting and somewhat realistic and has descent graphics Also there's a good selection of different decks you can buy with points you earn in game which is cool Also there's a lot of different parks but you have to buy them with real money so that kind of sucks but I bought the Berrics and SLS 2015 and they both were pretty good and I would say overall worth the extra money for the content So I would say if you got 5 extra bucks laying around and your looking for a legit skateboarding game then you would probably enjoy this Good

It's 2.99 but yet you have to pay for customization and new maps. You start with a blank skateboard and one skate map. If this was released to console with how much you have to pay, that would be the downfall of this game. It's a great game but I tf s very money hungry with the in game pay Highly Recommend.

Grabs need to be taken out. They don't look good, and they mess up 360 flips and laser flips. Otherwise pretty legit game Worth a go!

This is the best skate game in the app store. I honestly think it's the best skate game I've ever played including skate games by ea on console. Super realistic physics that allow amazing freedom of the tricks you do. There is no magnetic rail grind system which is awesome. Nothing is handed to you, you have to work at it. There's a high learning curve but it's the same in real skateboarding. If you want an experience that is similar to skateboarding this is it. Definitely my favorite game on the app store by far. P.s. on the off chance a developer reads this, please add more manual pads. I love manuals in this game, I hope they stay the same in any updates or sequels to this game. Worth a go!

I love this game true axis, I bought every map and most decks and grip tapes lol I do not have one bad thing to say about this game, all I would love to know is if any more maps are being made or going to be made? Would love for some new maps to sesh on Perfect

Awesome game! Can I make a suggestion though? Would it be possible for you guys to add basic color decks such as green, purple, etc... for say 10000 TC each? If not it's cool though I understand. Thx. Pretty good

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