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I wish that the gas and break pedals were opposite one from the other. And that just like in the rig,you got a clutch . And more traffic that does not crash into you on purpose. The traffic lights needs be far more bright. Hope you listen. Please fix the bugs, it cuts off in the middle of play, it freezes up all the time,adds are very distracting, Please fix. I'm on my way to uninstalling this app if no changes are made. I hope that you get all the bug s fixed. The clutch gear set up is niece except that the gears won't go into place and hard to see. Please fix also Brilliant

To many bugs suchs as, other traffic will just stop for no reason, speed limit signs are not big enough, and truck won't hook up to the trailer sometimes. Other than that it's a great game! Cool

playing this game 2 weeks now. its ok but far from good. lots of bugs and laggy. kick the game in high graphics and its dead in the water. laggy as hell. i got 3 tickets 4 crossing the red light when i was stationary. speed limit signs are 4 ants. same the lights on the cars. traffic? rly bad. i was going straight line and suddenly the car in front of me decided to make a turn. rly bad game. needs work Fabulous!

Very little realism. The road lanes are too narrow. The intersections are too compact. Running red lights is too easy. 1. The brakes suck, and 2. You can't see where stop lines are. There's more, but I don't feel like getting into the rest. Recommend

Takes too long to load... touch anything and you crash. Should be able to make a right on red... cops fine for the smallest infraction...traffic light is longer than real life. and make it sound more real...other similar apos sound much better.. Go well

I love this game, but a few issues. The brakes seem to drag when trying to accelerate. And, the speed limit signs could be bigger and easier to read. Maybe not have the gas and break pedals not so close together? Go well

Awsom game play it all the time. But only one thing. Plz add speed limit signs. Over than that best game ever. And plz add Little Rock ARKANSAS. And plz add the people your playing with on the big map. To bad that 5 stars is the most stars you can give. Would give it infinity stars. Recommend

Overall this is pretty good. Right now I just need help flipping the truck and trailer over. I hit a guardrail when I was headed to sacremento or some place with that kind of wording and that guardrail flipped the truck over. How do I get it back over? Go well

Reactions aren't always the best. Too many times you get tickets for speeding and running red lights when neither one would have actually happened. Some pick up spots don't always let you pick up your load but for the most part I like the game Cool

Great game but y'all need to fix the cars/AI's because as soon as I got and did like my 2 job a ai passed me and slammed on breaks and I had just fixed my truck and fix that cause I think that's a way that the game cheats for your Superb!

I think it could have been more fun if a sign on getting to police stand and gallops area will be added. The game is hard to load on my itel smart phone. Please how can I get credit when playing the game? Because I need to beautify my trucks. A very good game even at my challenges. I will give five stars if am been replied. Great!

Can you please increase the multiplayer limit up to 100 or more because it feels so empty when we play in this big huge map. With no traffic it feels so unrealistic, and also improve the chat system. Plz guys vote for it if you want a dedicated sever where we can play all together. Recommend

I like the game. But, I have a few issues. First, the roads are even more narrow than Euro Trucker. Second, what's up with traffic driving erratically? They cause way too many accidents--causing damage to your truck and costing you money. Whether they are slowing down, abruptly stopping in front of you, and causing you to rear end them. They cross into your lanes( from the side and from the opposite directions) when trying to pass them. Third, need an option for steering adjustments, too. The steering is too sensitive and hard to control. At least Euro Trucker has this option. Why this one doesn't have that option? I don't mind the ads. But, do we have to see half-naked girls, in front of web cams, shaking their asses or stupid dating sites on every ad? Other than that...the graphics are great. You get hooked on this simulator. Fun to play with. Awesome

Nice game but need brighter lights overall. Lights are way too dim & fix speedometer and odometer they keep flickering at night & fix the other vehicles taillights etc. Shouldn't the street have streetlights? Keep up the good works otherwise Cool

My biggest complaint is that it seems the creators of this game have absolutely no concept of how to drive. You cannot turn left at a green light, you cannot right on red, and I have had a cop turn left in front of me in an intersection from the right lane. This game has a lot of potential, but is incredibly buggy and frustrating. Awesome

I honestly love this game. Only problems are the fact it's hard to steer with the tilt setup, and making money online isn't easy Other than that great game! Please add the Peterbilt 379 Update : experiencing problems on both online and single player where my trucks rear wheels lock up and I can't shift gear. Please fix this issue, I love the game. Phone : Moto e4 5 star

Need more speed limit signs. Tired of getting speeding tickets. Hard 2 C red lights having 2 stop before the line. Traffic not flowing normal (stop n go) especially on curves. Game also skips at times. Worth a go!

Little difficult to play because it seems to bump me off quite often and I lose whatever load I am hauling. I bought the package to stop the ads and it worked fine for awhile but then my truck flipped over. After using the repair shop without successfully fixing it, I Uninstalled and then reloading the app, it no longer has any of the purchases I had made. I've contacted support but have yet to hear back from them in this matter. It is a good game, just a couple of issues that are basically minor compared to other apps I've tried. Surprisingly

Awesome game I had ever seen. But after playing sometimes it stopped automatically. And now I can't able to open it again. Please fix it fast and I will rate you 5 star. Works great

The Manuel transmission needs more gears. Should set it up like a real truck with a range selector. It only does 59 mph maxed out. No speed limit signs so you get speeding tickets. But it's fun game and hope it gets better Great job

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