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I liked the game.....but I have the problem with the graphics..... It's so unrealistic..... Traffic lights, the mirrors, interior and the sound. It's so funny when my truck was parked under the shed still the rain was falling on my windshield... What the hell 5 star

Cool time killer but needs some improvement. Traffic stops all of a sudden, if you accidentally hit a cop car nothing happens. Controls at some times fall short. The weight in stations are pointless. Radio calls are "how's the weather? How's the traffic?" If for some reason you miss your turn off point. You might as well reverse because you will have to keep driving for awhile just to turn around. Surprisingly

It's Awesome! None of the bugs found. But some suggestions - 1. Please add an option for talking in multiplayer, its difficult to chat sometimes. 2. Rather than Low, Medium & High graphics options, Please let us choose as per our requirements. Like shadows, reflections, Anti aliasing etc. That's all and once again, this game is the best! Muito bom!

The game is like driving a real truck except you can break more rules/laws. You have to earn money to get gas and you also need some sleep. I rate this game 5 stars. Worth a go!

How bout an update. And for some reason I can't play this game. I have an Asus memopad 7. I go into the game. It loads and I hear the truck start and then the game quits. I got really far in the game and I really don't want to reset my progress. Needs more trucks and trailers. Other then that great game Recommend

Awsom game play it all the time. But only one thing. Plz add speed limit signs. Other than that best game ever. And plz add Little Rock ARKANSAS. And plz add the people your playing with on the big map. To bad that 5 stars is the most stars you can give. Would give it infinity stars. Fabulous!

First of all, the manual transmission needs a lot of work. 6 gears are not enough. Add more. Also, there is some sort of wheelspin/a weird glitch when you go into 5th or 6th, making the truck undriveable. Please fix this as it is a major issue. Second, fix the AI cars. They are a nuisance especially on single carriageways. Recommend

i love it. just need to add a few things. one is a type of load; b-trains (hauling two trailers), and the other things are two port cities chespeake bay in maryland and port wentworth in savannah georgia. Great job

Superbbbb ever seen its addictive game but... But need improvements like: *Glitiches on road speed metre.. *Improve graphics make it like real, the game sucks somewhere.. *Other vehicle comes and hit us indicator crowd of peoples.. *Brakes are not good..brake should be hard.. *Controls are not that excellent, pick ups are so down.. *Have more location..trucks Highly Recommend.

I like it, there have been some glitches but I am a real otr driver so I can see some mistakes in this. Overall it's a good time killer Cool

It's a good concept but the game as of now is shocking. You'll drive miles. Come to a weighing station and it resets the game so you have to do all the driving again. Or you can pay 1500 igc (in game currency) as a fine. So either way you can't make progress Go well


Pretty good for a mobile game. I had a lot of trouble finding a place to sleep and navigating the map though. Driving around for 15 minutes with the screen too dim from lack of sleep. I just wish the map was easier to navigate and maybe be able to place markers when not doing a mission? Great!

The bugs and glitches are so bad, the sim is unplayable! If its not a small curb not allowing the truck to move, the street swallows 1/2 of your tire, and again, you cannot move! I have spent more time getting towed due to these bugs / glitches than actual driving. Hell, this would be a great sim if the issues would get fixed! Works perfectly

The most best thing about this game is its physics. I love the physics of this game. But i think you developer people should work better with the graphics thing. It's hard to understand the day time and the evening. Also try to upgrade the multiplayer servers also. Like more rooms for a multiplayer server. That's all .. every thing is alright Go well

Overall very accurate and realistic. Most realistic truck sim out there. But construction zones there are no signs. You will be going 65 to 0 real quick. Also, my trailer wheels keep dragging when I get over 30 mph. Why is hat? The truck isn't damaged. Works perfectly

The cpu drivers cant drive they have costed me so much money taking the left lane to make right turns infront of me.. they all drive drunk slamming on the brakes then speeding up all the time swerving everywhere.. THE CPU DRIVERS NEED A FIX Fantastic

The only problem I have with the game is just about every time I go up and am stopping for a red light, it tells me I ran the red light. And I didn't even touch the white line yet! Oh, and the cars need to stay in their own lane. Those are the only problems I have with the game. Everything else is perfect, especially the controls. Also glitchy at times. Worth a go!

I love the gameplay and all of the different things you guys have pit into the trucks but I think this game could come with a lot better graphics and a lot more city's and small towns. Also the traffic system would still need quite a bit of work. Finally I think the online gameplay would need work because all the people playing we're lagy and not moving and to go along with I think their should be a server for pro truckers and have strict rules. Thanks for reading this if you had the chance. Sincerely, Your trucker Good

playing this game 2 weeks now. its ok but far from good. lots of bugs and laggy. kick the game in high graphics and its dead in the water. laggy as hell. i got 3 tickets 4 crossing the red light when i was stationary. speed limit signs are 4 ants. same the lights on the cars. traffic? rly bad. i was going straight line and suddenly the car in front of me decided to make a turn. rly bad game. needs work..... creepy game. unninstalled Well done!!

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