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Ok the last update it all look ok until game play starts, all my truck dose is fell though empty space, Not good at all, it ues to work fine.. This is bad bad bad. Fix the problem.... Cool

Please remove the ads on the game I can't see the red lights on the game I like the game without ads on it Works perfectly

It is good I like all ovilex games but one of this problem after new update of 2018 is 1:- on night there is no brightness of lights and I cannot see 2:- There is another problem of graphics and bugs 3:- when I drive fastly on a single road and overtaking cars the cars will drive on road stops automatically and I crashed 4:- please add some more like horn mod light mods and new engine sound new horn sound 5:- please add parking sensors [SO PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEMS AND BUGS SO WE WILL PLAY BEST] ........................:..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.::..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.'.'. Awesome

This game is a great time killer. It has good graphics, alright controls, and good gameplay. There are too many ads though Great!

Its a very nice fun game but I would like if you guys can build some more road like some hills and decorate your truck more Highly Recommend.

I really like this game, dont get me wrong but i dont think that a game should have you pay for its own mistakes. I payed several times for a tow truck and i would end up at the garage and get catapulted into space. And it didnt just happen once.. Alot of money was wasted... Money that i earned and the game glitched me out of. Muito bom!

I think you should fix the drunk drivers in career mode. And make a mode where people can add friends and people can make a company where other player can work for them. And modify the brakes and include the air brake sound. And add better interior of the cab. Thanks. Keep up tje good work on this game. Pretty good

There are too many bugs : for eg : many times when I stop on red light it still cost 100 showing red light crossed, on highways other vehicle's speed suddenly reduces and then increases which create problem while overtaking them. Please solve these problems. Amazing!

I love this game but you need to fix the lights. Sometimes they charge me for going on red when I didn't. And can you add MPH signs everywhere, I often get stopped by the police often because I don't know what the speed limited is. Not bad

Could use some more US cities ie Boston and also highway signs etc. also it lags in low settings...had to uninstall... please fix it... never had problems with coach sim.. Europe..runs smoothly in low graphics... until there's an update..I won't download.. thanks Flawless

I was looking at the trucks and I didn't have enough I was 45k short of the price but I got the buy button to see if I could trade mine in and use my money I had to get it but I couldn't so I backed out and it showed the truck as if it was mine so I upgraded it and went to play and when I did truck was gone and I had lost the 25k I spent on upgrades could I please get that money back some how. Also controls are sketchy I'll be driving and be turning I'll let off so not to turn to tight and when I go to turn some more it doesn't causing me to crash. And sometimes the truck acts if it's in manual mode when it's automatic. All I really would like is the money o wasted on the truck that I do not own please if u can do that I'll rate it better Well done!!

First offwere in the hell is the scenery. No hills to speak of the traffic is dumb as hell the highways need some work not very life like. You want a good example look at heavey truck sim if you made a sim similar to that but in usa instead of Brasil you guys would have something probably some people might pay actual money for..and its not very smooth Cool

I love the game i can esaly spend hours on it but i have 2 comlaints. 1) can u cuys plz fix the traffic they drive way too slow and they cant even drive around a corner 2) if i am parking a trailer and i use the qhwel steering it changes the camera location or turns on the hand brake. If u guys could fix these problems the game would be pretty much flawless Surprisingly

Please fix the day an night mode brightness. For example same Dynamic HEAVY TRUCK SIMULATOR. Awesome ovidiu team thank u so much for new update. Best Controllers. Wow Real horn sound. need graphics improvement. All cities look like very small please extend city size. same truck simulator 3D cities map. My Issues free zoom not comfortable so plz make long zooming view cam adjustment. 2.Add more new cities. 3.Make best sky viewing(stars, moon, sun) an trees. 4.Add truck extra yellow head lights in truck front top. Made new Game Couch Bus Simulator Usa. And china truck simulator game. Perfect!

Wouldnt let me select manual transmission. Within 2 minutes of stating the game, I noticed a river or some sort of waterway and wondered if I could drive in it. So I drove off the road. Went right in. Fell. Fell some more. Kept falling. Went over 10 minutes, just falling. If I noticed that glitch, that quick, I can only imagine how many other glitches there are. Seems to be a lack of boundaries. I assume some things you might run into have their barriers out farther then where they should be or where intended to be. 3 stars out of generosity. Not bad

The traffic lights are so tiny its not a driving simulator for ants. Add more states and roads and destinations (with iconic places) and fix the graphics. Fix the controls and the ai driving they slow down by 50 miles at the easiest turns and make the lights longer. Add more trucks and trailers make it feel more lively and please please please allow right turns on red lights. Just take everything from American Truck Simulator and put it in your game. In a nutshell just make it more realistic. Superb!

The game is awesome. Anyone saying otherwise just sucks at it or has an old ass phone... Yes there are some bugs, some flipping, but you can get your way out without any harm. Rated the controls a 4 because the trucks can't back up totally straight so parking is impossible. Other than that, great game. Great job

Overall, I am liking this game. It has been the best truck game I could find for my tablet so far. Some things I would like to see improve: controls with steering wheel selected, graphics, A.I. not glitching into my lane at random when they turn, randomly getting red light violations when I haven't crossed into the intersection or even the crosswalk.. General things like that. Besides that, it's a very enjoyable game so far. Omg

Its great! But there are some areas that could be worked on, like the lanes and the ai driving. Maybe add some more speed limit signs and FIX THE CASCADIA!! I want it but dont want to pay the 410,000 when the mirrors are see throught and glitches along with other parts. Worth a go!

Y'all should help the cars stay in there lane when there turning. Then u should fix the interiors cause they glitch. Also add new Trailers, City's, Jobs, And more customization. Y'all should let us fill up the truck instead of it doing it on it's own that's all I have for right now... Great game....... Keep up the good work☺ Good

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