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This is a fun game but the problem is I have a lot of lag glitches like if you are driving and you push the pause button it lock up the brakes making me come to 13 mph to start back up . Great!

very happy that they have removed the loading screen while driving in earlier games. great graphics tooo. Flawless

Make the windshield wipers actually clear the windshield when it rains and add mountains and snow and ice Just wow

This game is fun and have lost of stuff that makes a sim game, but unlocks are way to hard! and the stop light, and cops! need be fix or turn down a little! also need a little bit more weather like snow! I gave it a 3.9/5 its ok but need a little impavem to make it better! Fabulous!

May we have decals (like flames) for the outlook of our truck? That will be nice Brilliant

Soo is Mexico and canada a later added on thing cause I'm lvl 10 and still can't go to either place even tho I get loads going to montreal Well done!!

This is really awesome one....PLEASE MAKE GAME MORE REALISTIC........... IMPROVE GAME GRAPHICS..........AND ADD MORE CANADA MAP Works perfectly

Great truck game Great think is that, your updates are faster than others. Not bad

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