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Trucks need inner axel locks ,like in real life. Graphics are good some fixes needed but not bad at all, I really enjoy the game , and online play's cool too, there is some issues with the Samsung tab though, the game seems to have a hard time booting all the way, Fantastic

Love this game but when it starts to get laggy which is pretty often it makes It impossible to keep control of the truck at any speeds, but if it wasn't for the awful lag I would give it a 5/5. Great job

Good graphics but could you add more cities, I would like to see Salt Lake City Utah. , Orlando Florida., Atlanta Georgia., and New Orleans Louisiana Must have

Wish you could sell some trucks and that the traffic was real not driving all over the road but its a good game keeps me busy Must have

It's very good game Only ads make too much disturbance and please remove ads while truck is being driving. Well done!!

Best game I have played so far, controls are realistic, good graphics and good gameplay, definitely worth downloading. do u repair my freightliner Amazing!

Your all gameplay are very good but people cannot make it more better because its hang to much in mobile phone .......although i played i my brand new phone but it was laging in the multiplayer your all games accept driving school 2016 and this game .........but the game are beautiful Flawless

I understand you need ads in the game but they placed them on the actual screen while your which makes it extra laggy. Was an awesome game and they ruined. Will be deleted now. 5 star

Can you fix the game because every time I am behind a truck or car, the car or truck stops and goes, and that puts damage on the truck. That really gets annoying. Awesome

I didn't mind the ads that popped up when we fill up for gas or fixed the truck, but it's ridiculous that there's an ad on top of the screen the ENTIRE time and we now have to wait 5 seconds before skipping the ad!! Please REMOVE the ad on top of the screen while the game is in session, it's annoying and unnecessary!!! Surprisingly

It needs a little tweeking but overall it's a fun app! I enjoy it to pass the time. Fabulous!

The game was good but now I always randomly fall through the map and there is nothing u can do. Another thing is getting fines for running red lights when it is green. Go well

Thanks so much for the update please post the link to the other side of the road in front of the house and the other is a race to the bottom of this email and I will be there at 6 you miss me yet tell me if you miss me yet tell me if you go to the store and get some rest and feel better soon and that is the only way I can get a ride to the airport on Friday and I will be there at 6 you to the moon and back to the office and I will be there at 6 you to the moon and back to the moon and back to the moon and back to the moon and back to the moon and back to the moon and back to the moon and back to the moon and back to the moon and Not bad

It stucks when I am continuously playing in all the graphics it is good. It loads for 5min for me Recommend

Was a great game until they added google ads to the top of the screen. It already has video ads, why do you need to block my view when trying to hook up to a trailer when using outside the truck view? Perfect

Could you make the traffic lights a little bigger hard to see the green or red dot Works great

Game is great can b better graphics..more digital and real world theme otherwise great game.....needs more traffic and a real life on the road themes wow lol

The game is good but the controls re quake graphics poor too pls upgrade graphics and controls. Works perfectly

Other then being fined for running red lights when Im not. Even being double fined at times it is a really great game when you have time to kill Perfect!

I think the stop light thing is realistic but it does need fixing I get fined for stoping at them all the time so please fix it and also can you up the speed limit and the speed that the traffic goes Great!

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