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Awesome Simulation Game ovidiu team thank u so much for new update v1.4.0 Best Controllers. Wow Real horn sound. need some improvements Please Make this game to support medium mod for Android 4.0.0 Versions please fixed that one. All cities look like very small please extend city size. My Issues free zoom not comfortable so plz make long zooming view cam adjustment. 2.Add more new cities. 3.Make best sky viewing(stars, moon, sun) an trees. 4.Add truck extra yellow head lights in truck front top. Worth it!

So far, this has been the best game you guys made and the best trucking simulator too. Love the graphics, gameplay, customization, and the trucks. Although it needs a few updates like fixing the stoplights because it is too dim, and you said you can go to Canada and Mexico, but you can only go to Seattle and San Antonio. It also doesn't snow at the northern part of the map. But I can see some roads past Seattle and Minneapolis, I guess your still making the Canada area. Good game so far! Surprisingly

I think the graphics can be a little bit better but I do like it and the side mirrors on the door can be clear, the engine don't sound right and also for the engine brakes you should have an on and off switch so therefore when you let off the acceleration the engine brake automatic come on, besides that I love this game. Now the game lag too much even on medium and I have a Note 4 Worth a go!

I think the highways should have exits, just like irl. Make the highways go through the cities, but have exits instead of just instantly turning into a street. Also make the highway have multiple lanes near cities, also in real life. Maybe lights on the ground when the lights hit the little reflectors on the ground at night. I know it's a lot, but it will make the Gameplay A LOT funner and less boring. Worth it!

Best Simulation Game For Ever But this game not support jelly bean version. Lot of graphics bugs (Long nature view not good). So please fixed that one. Please Made this game to support 4.0 and above version. My Issues free zoom not comfortable so plz make long zooming view adjustment. 2.Add more 10 new cities. 3.Make best sky view an natural view Graphics(trees) 4.Add truck etra yellow haesd lights + led colour lights... Cool

Ovilex, you've come very far with these wonderful improvements! -Very Nice GUI -Better Landscapes -More variety to the map -Drastically improved Multiplayer, probably the best you guys have done so far -Crisp, clean graphics -Widened roads -Fewer glitches at launch If you were to add a little more customization, and maybe a couple more cities with new routes, that'd be great. Keep it up Ovilex (: Go well

Love this game I pay the truck simulator u made and this is much better and thank u for putting the option for the side mirrors and its almost like euro truck sim keep it up and also liked it bcoz the multiplayer works Perfect!

The game keeps quiting on its own, plz fix that bug. And another update I think we need more realistic sound mods. But apart from that great game. Highly Recommend.

Finally your guys has been launched the Truck Simulator USA now,and i've played the simulation,the experience just give me like American Truck Simulation(ATS),so good job guy,keep going at the future! Works great

I love the game so much but in the next update can you add BETTER GRAPHICS. And I want you to make a mod that when it rains on the windshield. And can you make the game kind of like American truck simulator. PLEASE AND GOD BLESS YOU! wow lol

All around a Decent game. Has a bit of lag but nothing that can't be solved with lowering the graphics a bit. Controls could have a bit better placement as well. Muito bom!

इस गेम में जब ड्राइव करते हैं तो दूसरी गाड़ियां बहुत ही कम दिखती है इसमें ज्यादा से ज्यादा गाड़ियां ट्राफिक होना चाहिए तभी ट्रक ड्राइविंग करने का मजा आएगा और ट्रक का साउंड क्लियर होना चाहिए Omg

Please fix traffic they do not do the speed limit and they swerve all over and widen the roads a little bit thanks. Superb!

I think the pickup and drop off zone need to be less tighter and the roads more textured and a little more added lanes in the highways. Also should the mirrors need to be optimize and the mirrors on the semi needs the be turned to 480p instead of 144p. Enjoy it!

I always love ovilex game.And thanks again for this game.But there are some problems in this game.""I cant see any city name in the map, Last, there is not all cities to drive in this game""Please fix these problem as soon as possible. 5 star

Get everything together you liars you can't get to Canada or Mexico you said that we could and fix your bugs Pretty good

Fix the multiplayer mode where I can drive with my own friends too like if friends create a group I should be able to search for my friends group please Perfect

Great start, there ,can be improvements to the graphics and the driving controls. It really didn't matter because this was a new game. Amazing!

This game is just amazing it reminds me of America truck simulator but on Android/iOS great game keep at it! Great job

I love it so far but you guys should add more cars in the highways and also in the city as well also i would love it if you guys can make the highways go trought buildings and houses as well one last thing improve the ai. Thanks! Fantastic

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