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Please fix the time, because when it is night time my screen goes green and the time is not synced with multiplayer love this game please fix. Marvelous

Fun except i can't see the stop lights and speed limit signs so i keep getting fines. Try to play career and it won't let me hook up to the trailer. Try to play multiplayer and it won't load. When it does load, shows me to turn where there is no road. I like it but it's too glitchy. I'm uninstalling it. wow lol

I think this is a fun game to play most people would enjoy it there is good graphics but there are faults to this game one is the other vehicles definitely don't drive the speed limit which it slows you down Worth a go!

I like traveling lol this is away of doin so and i like the realistic graphics if u can put more lights on the kenworth w9 i love them trucks upgrade the kenworth w9 with the big sleeper other than that i give all stars,stay blessed Cool

If it were upgraded with better graphics so the cars dont go from 70 to 25 in the blink of an eye it would be great but the cars always make you crash, also it could use an upgrade on the trucks, you dont see a difference when you upgrade the engine and trans Not bad

The cop just outside of Nashville will give you a ticket no matter what speed you do. I've gone through at 25 mph and 5 mph and still get a ticket every time. The game needs more speed limit signs, road construction signs, and curve signs. Just needs more signs period. Recommend

Please up date and detour and trailer lit up and truck to do crash go up in the mountains and make your truck get dirt when snow on the ground Please do this stuff for me today and up date to 5 star

I love this game!! I love usa!! It is too real this game and addictive but the problem is that i need to get gold coins to get a new truck but i hope developers can to fix that because i wanna to buy all the trucks. Thank you. Fantastic

Its a very good game. I would like to be able to change the radio station and see my person. Be able to create an avatar to drive my truck. Can the interstates have something different to notify the driver that its in a new city or state? Can the speed limit be more noticeable along with the construction? Worth a go!

It's a really good game. One problem can u make the roed bit bigger can I keep on getting stuck on it Great!

Awesome truck driving game very addicting, only thing is the freezing up once inn a while or trailers won't hook up the way there supposed to once in a while but other than that fun game. Surprisingly

It's a great game. I love the trucks. The only thing that I think would take this game to the next level, is better graphics, and where you could get out of your truck and help someone pulled over on the side of the road Flawless

Graphics could be way better and there could be more traffic on the roads. weather conditions also, I sometimes ran into the guard rail and it sent me flying into the mountains and I would get stuck. This is why I had to delete it I didn't want to but I couldn't enjoy the game because of this and I only got one load complete so I had to delete it. Perfect!

In multiple players chat box should be not display on main screen. It should be in the corner so that we can drive truck. It display on middle so v can't see anything while racing. Overall good Highly Recommend.

Needs more trucks like the t800, 9900, 9300, 9200, prostar, and some dump trucks but overall its the best simulator on android right now... And add more things to use customize the trucks... Amazing!

Awesome game but it needs more cars on the highway,and streets and I got a speeding ticket bc I was going 20 mph in the city it needs more signs so you know how fast to go and also it would be real of cops pulled u over it needs a lot more stuff but it's a ok game Superb!

I really love this game its so real and the trucks engine are real too but can you make it more real like additional effects like glossy view when it's raining, and in snow time too I think players like me will like it,thanks for the nice game I wish to see more updates soon Recommend

I think it's very fun and I like how you added the Jake break but I really wish you make it where the jobs have more money and make it where it doesn't really glitch here and there. Well done!!

The game lags and when I hit the wheel I hit the e brake and the cars could be a little better and when you got to Seattle entrance for a load you fall through the map but otherwise good game love your comopny Enjoy it!

Great and best game ever pls pls never delete. And see if u can do more map maybe snow levels and keep this going Go well

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