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Adware issue Don't know if I'm the only one...But getting a lot of random ads since I the last update

Very convenient I love this app....its very convenient. If there is pressing news that I want to be informed of... I don't have to wait to purchase a papers. I can read it on the rush

Pay???? Subscribe? ???? I liked this app until this whole new issue about subscribing to get the full story. Stupes.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Since after d update I'm not getting present news. eg. Friday I getting Thursday news. Saturday I getting Friday news & so on. Otherwise I love this app

Retarded I hate this app you can't find anything... It don't even have a classifieds... Should have been like the Guardian app.. Now that's an awesome app

It worked fine until about a week ago The app gave the essentials, ad free. But now it only gives the headlines. Maybe we have to buy the hard copy instead of reading the news for

Great App!! Exactly what we needed for news updates.. However I don't know why the App needs my exact location via GPS.. Not the best for my battery. However good work nonetheless!

#social-networking So far so good! Finally a news room has stepped into the mobile age, great app so far. Swiping between articles and categories will b great tho. Automatic notifications when a new story is available would also boost my rating of this app. But good job so far

A practical app! This will achieve a 5 rating once a section for Letters To The Editor is included.. Recommend to download Trinidad Express APK.

#home-screen Quantity and timeliness of news needs improvement! This app should be able to provide all or more articles that are on its website.I also find that it takes too long to refresh articles.

With room for improvement! Great idea, makes things a little more convenient than traditional page. However there mobile site much more thought out. For example, I can navigate between articles from within the article, here I am forced to go back to the home screen to get another article. A big feature will be caching, would love to be able to cache or the app automatically cache articles that I have read. Another feature swipe between articles.

Nice! Very nice so far. Of course things can be added to make it better. But I'm just glad to keep abreast of news. A Daily Timed Popup would be cool.. Recommend to take Trinidad Express APK.

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