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Excelent! This is a great transition from the standard 2 person game. Certainly adds a new level of challenge. Moving the camera angle around the board is smooth and simple.

Very inventive! I like the game, however I found it very hard to get into because the camera is very hard to maneuver. Please make the camera view better so its easier to see your pieces please! Otherwise, the game is perfect.

#social-network Mangla Media! The game is hard to get to grips with but once you've read up on it you will get the jist of it, it's not for me as I'm a more traditional Chess player, I will say this though the look & game play of the game is great.

Very cool! This game is great. And is the best tool I've ever seen to help improve your classic chess skills.. Recommend to install TRIAD-CHESS APK.

#board-games Amazing! A truely amazing chess variant. Well worth paying for the full version & supporting developers of such a quality product. 1st time I saw a version of this game was on 'The Big Bang Theory', but their fictional version of the game was too bogged down with new pieces & the like. This version is well ballanced and playable. Simple and straight forward, as it were. Truely amazing! Best/most origional chess variant ever created hands down, thanks for making this!

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