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Its great! Can't really compare it to actual chess because having to learn a new board and then take into account having to deal with the strategy of facing two opponents at once is a bit difficult so I think this game could very much make good use of a tutorial, at least for beginners

Its ok Camera needs work. Allow option to speed movement of pieces . But it is very interesting though.

MAKE A ACTUAL BOARD GAME plz. Works perfectly

it's not for me as I'm a more traditional Chess player. Great job

Its good But I try to get a full version but it doesn't let me do that in the app. Fix pls

A Chess master's rating You could do with probably a 2d piece mode view. The hexagon shape mode instead of the basic square gives the pieces, more option to move. But this also over complicates the game. The ability to do a straight forward attack along the rows and ranks has gone. I like the new formation for the starting position. Interesting, could you try and use the same concept but use the traditional squares instead, thanx.

Yes! I'm a big chess fan and when I saw three way chess On the big bang theory I thought it would never be made but triad chess has just made my dreams come true. Thank you

Camera View Please make it stop changing the view every half second. I'll give it 5 stars then.

Very cool. The only chess I play is awful chess. This will be an excellent way to learn to play better. If I can play this game my traditional game play will be much greater. Greater indeed!

Interesting, but... The camera angle give me a headache, to be honest. On the phone, in order for me to see the whole board I have to be zoomed so far out that the game routinely misinterprets my move selection and although there is a confirm option, it has way too many things highlighted at a given time. Some of the moves are also a little confusing. Just when I think diagonal means across the points, it turns out that it's not always the case. The AI also games up on the player.

Buggy Not bad but it's got a couple of really annoying bugs.. Like breaking a piece so that it can only move and not take, go back a couple of moves instead of just one (can be really annoying when you just wanna cancel a misclick) and giving me a 1 turn control of another player's pieces..

Nice concept Nice but like Star trek tri level chess I doubt it'll catch because it is extremely difficult to maintain the board in that the movement of the pieces are difficult at best to defend against and the enormity of the board. As an avid player of regular chess (average at best), it would take a game master to actually be able to defend themselves through board and piece movement memorization and would have to learn a whole new strategy.

I don't know. 3 stars for a great concept. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get yelled at here but I can't even play. I have a Galaxy s4 and it crashes everytime I click new game... any idea guys? Without the previously seen attitude please. Just remember I could still be a paying customer if your play nice.

Freezes as you play Starts well enough but as game progresses it gets choppy until it is no longer playable. Must fix in order to complete a game. Views are average at best. Good concept though. Wish I could play it. Moto Droid 4.

Not buying... It's an interesting idea but with respect, there are 2 reasons I wouldn't buy the full version. The 3D view is too hard to see and if you read the reviews, you will see the developer replying rudely to people's comments and even some name-calling. If this is the level of professionalism offered, I wouldn't risk buying it, having a problem and then being spoken to in that manner. Granted, some of the user's comments are rude themselves, but it's up to the developer to be professional and set an example.

Good good game .... as a salesman for example u have to sell ur products and as well receive criticism for your work ......some will be bad some average and some I see u reply to everybody individualy wich is very good and professional.....but some people who criticised bad or average givin a rating of 1-3 star got some really harsh answers back dude wich makes me think u only care about you 5 star rating .....people skills dude u need to work on them if you want people to buy ur work...thank u....

YES I will buy it ! But you must make this a actual Board game. At first I was sceptical . I was thinking though it its a lot like the original chess if you can compare hexigons with squares it seams farily similar but it must be done this way to make a 3 person chest I love it 144 hexigon shapes makes it equaly 3 person I didn't think it was possible but after a couple of plays I became good at it not much difference to chess you just got to play it awhile. MAKE A ACTUAL BOARD GAME plz. :)

Replay entertaining! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwweeeeeeeesssssssooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Recommend to install TRIAD-CHESS APK.

#strategy-game This game is a must play!!!! This game is perfect. What about a 6 person version. You know kinda like Chinese checkers. Just a thought.

5 stars but would like one thing! This game is really good especially once you figure out how to look at the hexagons But the camera is a bit awlward and id like to see a top down version wjere you can zoom and pan that would be really good but this is still so fun and this way noone is by themselves how you cant really stop people ganging up on one player

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