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Great app. The only thing that bothers me is that I have to click on the check lists to see the items. it would be nice to be able to see them on the board home page. Works great

I use Trellis every day to organise my schedule. It's very easy to use and move things around the way I want them. I have not had a glitch in the software so far, I gave been using it for over 3years now. Its amazing that it's Free, I would happily pay for it Superb!

I use this for a to-do list. Great collaboration tool, and let's me feel good for getting things done. Fabulous!

Love Trello but would have been better if we can log in to multiple accounts. Same goes with iOS version. Worth it!

While it's not a perfect list system, it's as close as you'll get. Very flexible and extremely useful for staying organized across all your devices. Fabulous!

As a real human with a lot of things to be doing all day, Trello is my manager, coach, and organizer. I hardly have anything in my life that doesn't have a Trello board assigned to it. Muito bom!

Great app over all. I have only two complaints. First the app has an extremely annoying way of sending notifications. Any card where you comment or set a deadline sends you notifications, so if there are multiple cards that I have set a deadline for, about 24 hrs before the deadline, the cards will start buzzing my phone at about a one minute interval. Of course I didn't want that so I turned off notifications for the app. I thought that was enough and was happy for a while. Then today it sent me a notification again. I checked the settings and found that the notifications were turned in again, possibly due to an update? Now I have to go and turn it off again. How dare you D: The second is that when a card is copied, the comments can no longer be deleted or modified. To an extent I understand the motivation for this design, but this make it a little inconvenient for some use cases. For example when I use lists to track watering and fertilising my plants, and each watering or fertilisation would be a comment. Now if I add a new plant and try to copy the list over, the new list would contain all the cards and all the comments, but those comments would not be deletable. So now I have to create new cards from scratch. Fantastic

I used to have doco, to do lists, check lists, etc all over the place Not any more thanks to Trello! Great!

This is the best app for project management ever! Lets me update my team, everyone can update and I can even share progress with clients! Awesome

Looks okay. But grey label does not show up on board, only in card view. When fixed will rate it higher. Surprisingly

Does what it says on the box and a hundred times more. So powerful and flexible, and yet so accessible and easy to introduce to staff. Worth it!

Very pleased with the latest release. No more freeze-ups and the card sorting features are a welcome bonus! Works perfectly

Great app. I find that it works slowly when network internet connection is slow it non existent. Should work perfect without internet and just sync when connected next. Marvelous

The app has gotten so much better since my last review. The development team has addressed pretty much every major complaint from my coworkers or myself, in addition to introducing some other great new features. Works perfectly

Still not ideal, but it's getting there slowly... Keep up the good work Trello team! Omg

Can't I have two account log in on same device? I personally use one, and my company just start using it so I need to choose which one will be logging in on my device... It is 2018! Please make multiple account as option. love it

it's a great app that I was looking for it is my daily personel as well as business tool Just wow

Not happy with the fact that I cannot move cards easily to other tabs. On pc, right click for the menu on the apps is no longer possible. That's sad. Other than that, absolutely great app! Keep up the work Great!

Great app for managing tasks via a Kanban board. Plus for Trello integration for time tracking is also very useful. Fabulous!

The app works good. I wish they would add more usefull widgets. For example in Google keep and in Microsoft OneNote they have a widget where you can add a small square to the home screen where you can see some of your notes. I thought this one had something like that but when I added it to the home screen it said you'll see them when your assinged to them? I didn't really understand what they wanted. Great job

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