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I really like the meaning behind this game but do they still plant the trees? It's a few years since the game released, but you could choose where to plant it and see where it's planted a few years ago. However, now it doesn't give you the option or detail of if it's planted, I tried to visit the website but it has expired. Therefore I don't believe they still plant trees as it looks like the whole idea died down. A reply verifying this would be appreciated so we and I know if this app still plants trees. Works perfectly

I like this game. I have planted 15 trees. However now I am having trouble with number 16....just keeps leveling;instead of planting. Hope this issue gets fixed. I really like the game and the hole concept. :) love it

Great game!! What better way to teach kids about the importance of planting trees and actually getting to help do it! I love this app! Amazing!

Trees! My little brother was so excited that he could plant real trees with this game. I watched him play it and I decided to get it. It is a really fun game and I love it. I love how you play mini games and dress it. Works great

Good Love it. A little slow sometimes likewhen I reach level 12. And it forgetsto plant my tree in the grove. Still good though Fantastic

Adorable and makes a difference The real reason I started playing was knowing that I can help make a difference in the real world as well. It's a great game with many fun side games that will make sure you never grow bored. As secretary for a local grass roots enviornmental organization, I love this app! Perfect!

The tree life I love this little game; it's a brilliant idea. So inspiring and moving I just love the little trees face. Go well

Need help My game just keeps loading it won't let me plant more trees can you please fix this I love thisbgame Recommend

It's lots of fun and it's great to contribute to the earth by helping to plant trees. But there's lots of game glitches and errors. Also, don't bother writing the developers, because they won't answer you. Cool

Simple, effective game The mini-games alone are worth the download. Taking care of your tree is easy and fun, plus it helps to plant a real tree so the efforts are worth it. Worth a go!

It is so amazing You are actually going to plant a real tree this is the new way for kids to make a change in the world Brilliant

This is the best game ever Who ever is reading this get the game if you don't you are CRAZY who don't like a game were to u get a tree my brother loves this game also he planted his tree in Brazil like I did ;-) Just wow

My 9 year old daughter feels so proud of herself for helping to plant trees. As her mom it makes me proud that she is helping the cause but also that there are still corporate company's that still care. Not bad

This game is almost exactly like my talking Tom, but with trees. That's why this game is awesome. Muito bom!

I love playing this game, but I upgraded it and now it keeps freezing. I'm missing my game... :( My tree will have bugs by the time I get back on. Fix it please. I waited 2-3 weeks to see if the game would stop freezing on its own. It actually did! Now I'm back playing! Yeahhhhhhh!! Also to someone's comment, you will get another tree to plant when you're done raising and taking care of your tree. Good luck! :) Works perfectly

Customer Support!! I had a really annoying problem with this app and asked for help in a review I wrote in December. It is March now and the problem has not been fixed. But I am not mad about that anymore. I didn't even get an answer. Even an "OK" would've been fine. If you want good reviews you need to at least read them! I seem to be the only ZMax 2 owner who bought this app but that doesn't make my problems less important! Works great

Cutest Game App I love that real trees get planted. The graphics are great and taking care of the tree is cute and fun. A lot of cool mini games. Great time waster for me and my kids. Thank you for the game and helping us be aware of great nature organizations and caring for trees. Flawless

I love this game but...starting all over again Knowing that this app can also help planting new real trees. But the sad thing is that I have to start all over again for the 3rd time.after reaching level 4 my game hangs up and I have to start level 3 again, now I can't even feed my tree :( please fix Great!

Fun for all The game is really fun to play my sister love to play all the time and it is really cool that this help REAL TREES Pretty good

Amazing I love this game and it is very cute and I'm glad we are helping the environment! Also thank you Tiffany for bringing me here! Worth it!

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