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Really intuitive app that allows you to search your favourite restaurants by location. Found it amazing how you can even see the deals they have on through the app! Top notch Works great

Loved it easy to use and explore. Also found many places to visit. Keep improving travall team and good luck Superb!

Great way to find everything So nice to see an actual video of the experience before making a reservation. Also the fact that other visitors have left video reviews is very helpful. Since they give location and contact number you don't need any other app to find everything you need. Pretty good

Video upload bug on Note 4 While uploading a video, the phone gets stuck further forces me to restart it. Kindly check and update it. Thanks

Nice App This is an amazing app..provides an easy guide to search for perfect hotels, restaurants etc., Highly recommended for those who loves to travel UAE..:)

A great video guide to the city This app is full of videos throughout Dubai. An awesome video guide to the city.

Good but This app is very usefull but you can't get all the places but usefull foe those who like those selected places.

Rubbish The content is just embarrassing and the videos are ridiculous. Waste of time watching people film the outside of a shop!

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