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Filter train tickets only by 15min?! Seriously? Once filter value is changed there is no way to change to "now". Do you know that trains departs oftenly than quarter of hour? EDIT: no Button "Now" - no more stars than one. Not bad

Shockingly bad since recent updates. Isn't able to display information for "now". Shows two hours ago or midnight. Awful. Must have

Since two updates ago, train time results *always* show most recently departed trains! Used to be fine. Now always have to go forwards from initial result page to find *next* departing trains. Impossible to find a contact email/phone for Trainline to give them this feedback. Omg

Search by station was better than station code not everyone knows every station code. Roll back please. Other than that apps timing really good Great job

This recent update has changed the station names to initials? I don't know if they're post codes or abbreviations but wither way I know longer know how to find a station, I travel to new stations quite often, and search for train time for friends, I don't know how I'm going to do that anymore, there isn't even a list provided for those who don't understand. Very dissapointed, I've been using this app for over 2 years now and I'm heavily reliant on it. Highly Recommend.

A few releases ago, my tickets stopped being in most recent first order. Now I have to scroll back 6 tickets to get to my most recent booking. All I scroll past are spent tickets too. Fabulous!

Needs android pay authentication. Perhaps show a "currently departing" when you're near a station. Muito bom!

I love this app, especially the way out tells you the platform so you don't have to run at the last second. When search live departures it used to automatically bring up the next available trains instead of hours in the future. Can we get that back please? Surprisingly

I love it. Does what it's supposed to do and with a nice interface. 5 stars, no more needs to be said! Must have

Fantastic! This app has come in handy so many times, when I've been travelling long journeys on the train. It helps to reassure me that I'm on the right platform or train, by looking at the live time updates. Very helpful, indeed :) Surprisingly

It should add purchased journeys (with the booking reference) to your calendar. Admins told me they would implement this commonsense feature in 2015. Instead they've just removed it from the website also...? Why? Do none of them use the app themselves? This is a standard feature in most travel apps. Great job

I like this app a lot but it needs to be more up to date with its information. On Sunday 12th November we were going from Worcester Park to Waterloo for the Cenotaph March past. No trains ftom WP and no information at the station or on the app. Why? Great!

Why can I not buy my train ticket with still 2 minutes to go until it arrives? I am on the platform waiting for the train and I want to buy a ticket but it 'says unavailable.' Frustrating!! Fabulous!

Problems with journey tracking seem to have been fixed so the app is great again! I use it for mobile tickets and tracking information. Brilliant when it's all working fine Fabulous!

I use this app for trains to uni and used to think it was great but the new update seems to have removed the live tracking feature that shows the train's progress and if it is delayed. Need this back as it is extremely helpful information and without it the app is nothing special Worth it!

It was fab until the recent update which seems to have gotten rid of the virtual ticket option and only has the collect at station option. Real inconvenience now the trains have stopped and i dont have the time to collect one. Enjoy it!

New update seems to have taken the national express bus option away. Why ? Bring it back please Surprisingly

like but since last update you can't put railcards in or they are not shown. not sure what the problem is Muito bom!

This app makes it super easy to book trains for work, I don't think you can reserve seats through the app though which is a shame but other than that it's great. Amazing!

This app suits my requirements perfectly, it's just so convenient not to have to queue for tickets any more. Works great

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