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This is a great app, much more reliable than the others. Woukd be good if it listed more than the next three trains, and also if there was a widget which listed the next few trains on your favourite journey or commute Go well

Used this for local travel & saves time. But on a longer journey I compared the ticket price to the website and it was about three times cheaper. So check the prices before you pay. Pretty good

Last update fixed issues with tracking, thank you guys. However, search results is broken. It always show range that ends 2 hours before time I set in my search. E.g, I search for.12.30, the last time in the results list if I scroll to the end will be 10.30. Please fix this issue. Superb!

The ticket list should have today's journey at top not the oldest valid ticket. Also would be nice if it gave a breakdown of what other services your ticket was valid on like it used to, I repeatedly don't get the return journey I select but I can never find out if my ticket is valid for other journeys Awesome

You know what would be great? If I select the live journey that I'm currently on, and the leave the app in the background, if it didn't time out and then make me search for my journey again. Or if it just remembered the last journey I viewed until that journey terminated. Cool

Best app purchasing open return tickets but at £3 extra per transaction for me... ☹️☹️☹️ Awesome

Like the app for the most part, very user friendly, but find when I put in the specific time I want, it just gives me the next available trains for that journey, so have to scroll longer to find the ones I'm looking for. It's this a block of just how it works?! Cool

I don't understand why you get a different, significantly cheaper fare price if you go online than using the app... I am now reluctant to using the app and I would rather log in to the website, get my ticket from there and use the app only for the booking reference. Great job

My ticket list should be sorted with today's journeys at the top. Right now it's really difficult to find the right ticket, especially when rushing through a busy station with bags. Give me a chance to mark some tickets as done, or the ability to archive old tickets maybe. Highly Recommend.

It looks slightly better than when I used it last year but slight panic when I saw old tickets to same destination greyed out and saying expired when just bought a ticket to same destination. If the older ticket journey expired then please delete. Otherwise its clogging up the interface Perfect

Have regrets the postal option is not available. As an 80 year old travelling several times a year to see family and not that near a station it makes travel arrangements that much more stressful. Fantastic

Back to being a good app aftet latest updates. Use it daily and it rarely lets me down Brilliant

As an information app it is brilliant. Happy to say that the latest version has fixed the Live Tracker bug and is back to being a 5 star app. Omg

Yay...control buttons have been moved from the top of the screen to the bottom - where your tapping thumb, or finger, is. Wish all app developers would do the same. Amazing!

You deserve 5 stars just for the changelogs Works perfectly

Mainly excellent, but let down by a couple of serious flaws. Firstly, if you happen to be in am area with no signal and try to search for a station, it locks up and won't allow any further information to be entered. I've had to reboot my phone each time this has happened. Secondly, why is it not possible to look up change times on a train that's due to leave imminently? It just says 'insufficient time to make the transfer'. Can I be the judge of that please? 5 star

Avoid this app if you want to do anything other than order advance tickets. Still no improvement since last update. Unable to check trains the app thinks have left the station, even if they haven't, including not able to check how many stops you have left. Enjoy it!

Good but it won't let me view the live tracker for trains which have already left. I want to be able to check if my train is on time whilst I'm on it to see what time I'll arrive. Marvelous

So I can only collect tickets from the station. But my station doesn't have a machine to collect the tickets. What good is that? I have to buy a ticket at the station to get a train to another station to collect my tickets? Flawless

Live tracker no longer available of trains that have already departed. Used to be really useful for platforms at a change. Not bad

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