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So convenient! Love how I don't need to print my tickets off as I can use the digital version of the ticket for my journey. Must have

Great app that I use almost daily. Makes travelling very convenient as I don't have to worry about getting a ticket at the station, it's already on my phone. The only thing I would like to be added is the option to delete all expires tickets at once instead of having to go through each one individually wow lol

3 stars cause I've experienced thaw same problem twice. I could not print the tickets so I had to buy new from the train station. And I emailed and never got a response back Enjoy it!

Only been using this service for the past two months and I love it, my only fault is fluctuations in prices from one day to the next but its never usually by much, have recommended this to all my friends and family that use trains Must have

The trainline app makes it super easy and quick to book train tickets and check what your ticket collection references are. Great job

Themselink services not listed in search results, not good to trace random journeys. love it

So far it's good ..... I will see how it works next Thursday when I arrive in England Recommend

Could we get a widget please? I'm still having to use poorly optimized apps instead of this. Highly Recommend.

Can't see an option for reporting mistakes. Currently looking at trains for Sunday 25 February Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour, click on view stops for 54 minutes past the hour trains and it is showing trains to Eastbourne. Fantastic

It's a great app, but needs Google Pay support. Not sure why iPhone users can use Apple Pay but we can't use Google's service Perfect!

Great but searching for trains NOW yields a list of all trains before now!!?? nice to see a progress "dot" moving along in live train view... Just wow

This app is really great but please add the following features: 1, Map based selection of stations 2, Clarity between trains arriving and departing option. This caused me months of frustration as I kept scrolling down after the last update not realising this was even an option. 3, MOST IMPORTANTLY add a depart/arrive "Now" option - it's a common feature that is easily added. love it

Overall, it's good. I like not having to have paper tickets and it's pretty clear. However, since the update my seat number disappears and reappears, so i have to remember to screenshot it when it's there. Secondly, I always request a window seat, and always got this, but since the update I have not gotten it at all - with nobody sat next to me in my preferred seat, so really I should get it in the first place? Also, one of the most annoying things is buying a mobile ticket for two people, you only get one QR code with no option to share a second, so when you go through the barriers my boyfriend and I have to find someone to let us both through! Please fix this! Enjoy it!

I've been a long time user and like this app. Searching for an outbound single train and selecting "today, now" gives you trains in the past every time. It appears to be selecting trains that are arriving now instead of departing now. I am not using the arrivals section of the app. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android 8 official Samsung ROM latest beta version. Worth it!

Works fine. Would be good if you put destinations on when I have Hatfield (Hat) to London (any) set as a favourite to distinguish between King's Cross and Moorgate trains. Amazing!

Almost perfect. Only suggestion would be to show the platform you are arriving at on the main journey info page. This would be useful in the case where you have a change so that you can easily see if you need to change platforms. Great!

Needs a better user experience - 9 presses to download and activate 2 tickets is just silly. Please add a 'download & activate' option after purchasing a return ticket. Not bad

You know, I never thought I'd install a dedicated train app, seeing as I use an Oyster card and there are train schedule boards in every station. But! This app is so much faster to load than looking it up in a browser, gives real-time updates including which trains are fast and which are delayed, and after saving my most frequent routes as favorites it takes literally a second to check departures as well as the estimated journey time. So much better than the useless TfL journey planner, super reliable, functional and user-friendly. Trainline has earned its space on my phone! wow lol

The last update has ruined this app it has gone from probably the best app to one of the worst the search results miss off trains and often suggest you take a different train only to change later to get the one you could have originally, please fix this to get your 5 star rating back Perfect

It's Poo. You can only check departures if getting prices. It doesn't recognise any underground stations so say 1 change when youve actually got 3. or big stations.... Redding for example Omg

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