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I always use trainline, a very handy app. Although I did prefer it when the live train times were separate. But that is just personal preference. Good

The app is good overall, but when I wanted to pay for my tickets it kept telling me an error occurred please try again. Ever so slightly annoying, but apart from that it works well. What I do like is that it's a one stop shop for coach as train tickets alike. Great job

Does the job, but can confuse Past mobile tickets that have been used are not greyed out. So what if the expiry date hasn't passed? I use the app a lot with mobile tickets, and it's very confusing to scroll through lots of what appears to be active tickets. Should integrate with Android pay, but instead forces me to store my card detail, which I don't really like. Works perfectly

I find this app really easy to use and very convenient to have your tickets on your phone. Think the booking fee is a little cheeky! Brilliant

Booked 2 open returns to Gatwick airport for £136. I went to the station to pick them up, the guy there said if I had just walked in (which I had to do anyway) he would have sold me tickets for £105.... and I wouldn't have been limited to off peak. Thanks Trainline Perfect

Good clean design. Easy to switch from train (default) to see equivalent coach journeys. Painless payment and easily accessible store for purchased tickets. Marvelous

Like the app. Can't wait for a version that allows changing ticket times within the app Brilliant

Just switched from National Rail, so far so good, it perfectly does all the job I need. Recommended. love it

Why can I no longer separately buy peak time tickets, it only gives me the option to buy off peak or advance returns for my journeys Flawless

Couple of fixes needed quickly. Ability to delete or archive old tickets. Does not integrate with Concur well. Remove the spam ads for dodgy service at the top of app. Allow pass through of nectar points. Otherwise not a bad app, often is cheaper than going direct with train company. Works great

App is generally good but a few issues of late. When searching for the next departure it shows a list of departures from the previous day and have to scroll through those to find the next one. What's the point, those trains have gone! Also there are some routes that I know can be done quite easily that the app will not display saying there are no tickets. As an example Leicester to edale which is easily done by changing from Leicester at Sheffield and then going to edale. The app refuses to recognise this and makes me wonder if there are other examples? When I called trainline about this the answer was very unsatisfactory. Enjoy it!

OK for most, but where has all the calendar integration gone? I want to be able to see my journey details in my calendar, not open an extra app Superb!

Really good app, very happy with the set up and how easy it is to use. I really like that i can pay using paypal. Worth a go!

Immensely useful app to have on your phone when using larger train journeys last minute across Greater London Works perfectly

Favourites view does not show delayed trains that have not yet arrived, which makes this view useless when commuting. 5 star

Current version of application : doesn't preserve previous selection: if I choose return ticket for tomorrow , select from time - ok , select return time - my from time is reset to Today , now. Same thing if I choose first return time and then from time. It is def problem in latest version as I never experienced this problem before. Could you please fix it asap because application isn't usable to buy tickets in current form. Brilliant

Love this app.. So useful and easy to use. I use it to check times, routes, and book most of my train journeys. Good

I use the app mostly for planning trips and buying tickets. Have found it very useful. Superb!

Should have the ability to delete tickets that have been used. It is annoying to see a month old ticket that has already been used but it is the first thing you see, when you look at your tickets. It is especially annoying, when you're trying get a ticket for the current day but the month old ticket is the first thing you see. You should be able to delete these tickets Marvelous

The app itself is good but you get stuck in a scam with complete savings who will harass you until you join them then they will take £10 a month from you which is unauthorized so be very careful. Brilliant

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