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I've tried on several occasions to purchase tickets using the mobile app, but after entering my card details from 2 separate cards, the system refused to continue with purchase, telling me the card details were not vaild with the card I was using. I was using a Visa Debit card and chosen "Visa Debit" from the drop down menu. Also on several occasions purchasing through the website, I was told there was system error and told try again later. Please tell me what the problem is? Fabulous!

It working fine, but here are 2 development opportunities. First you should solve the real time sync with train station advertising system. Secondly you should implement the "swipe down and after refresh" function on the screen that shows the available trains. Awesome

It's cheaper to book with the train companies as no booking fees added, but, I like rest way this app works. Amazing!

Truly great app - can plan , get updates, and know what platform to go to - even before it's advertised sometimes Highly Recommend.

Still stand by my previous review. It's alright for most trains, but too often the times or platforms indicated are wrong . Cool

Why do I have 2 waste time going to print tickets why can't I have the ticket on my phone save wasting paper Great!

It's good for planning travel and buying tickets online, but recently I've noticed that one has to go collect the tickets at the train station even though one's booked on this app. Earlier just mobile tickets were sufficient. This causes extra waiting time in queue at the train station which is not convenient. Cool

So glad I found this app. So handy. Can book tickets at short notice and get a ticket immediately to use on the train. Really great and handy useful app. Pretty good

Trainline app is really easy to use and their customer service number is very helpful. Well done!!

Hopefully full refund is available within 30 hour for people who might book wrong ticket Amazing!

If you request a seat, you should be allocated or be able to pick its location not just be told they are available. Make finding seats easier not harder love it

E tickets - what e tickets?! No clear info on how/where/why tickets are only available where they are Marvelous

Update: time zone bug is a history now - 5 stars as promised. ------------------------------------------------------ It is virtually impossible to buy a ticket from a different time zone - I used to do that a lot right before boarding a flight. It is no longer possible, it "adjusts" the time for GMT, actual times shown in local timezone and that gets to the ticket, inconsistently. Fix it and I'll vote 5 starts with my both hands. Worth a go!

Love this app. Its speedy. Never crashes. Very easy to buy e tickets. Love the layout. Its very usefull to see live delay updates. Can't fault the app at all. Well done!!

Great app, I use it all the time. The current version is brilliant and keeps getting better. Recommend this to anyone, reliable and up to date. Good job developers. Works perfectly

Does exactly what it says it does never had a issue this app has n3ver let me down well worth the download guys if your wanting to get from A to B haha wow lol

I have lots of used tickets which I can't get rid of till a month after they're end date, I just want to be able to delete them as soon as I've used them, or at least archive them, even if it just was at the bottom of the screen Great!

I love this app. I can't use it in Italy atm but everytime I travel in UK I always know everything about my train and trains in general. Easy to buy tickets, easy to activate ticket and the app always shows you the platform and if the train is in time or not. You can't get wrong, it really works well! Great job

Used this app for millenia lol. Love it. The notifications are always clear and straight to the point. No annoying ads. I receive email reminders in plenty of time for my journeys. Very useful and recommended. Brilliant

I should be able to get rid of my tickets once I've used them. My off-peak returns get in the way of my current tickets. The app also doesnt mark peak time trains for return journeys, because even when I request to return between 5 and 7 it still gives me the opportunity to buy an off-peak return. I'd also recommend that the app automatically increases phone screen brightness when you open your barcode/e-ticket as sometimes this can cause delays getting through ticket barriers. On the other hand, it's really quick and easy to buy a ticket, lets you track the movement of the train and notifies you of the platform number, which can be handy when you're in a rush. The app is also really easy to navigate and I got a laugh out of their 'upside down' update! Glad to see that they listen to consumer feedback! Perfect

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