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Excellent Just awesome game good graphics good music everything perfect i give it 5 & everyone should download this app Fantastic

Good game..bad controls Fantastic game marred by terrible controls. The red lights just dont get clicked..if we try again by that time the train is already passed. The area for red light control should be visibly more. Also the top hand right side coin counter seriously interferes with game play involving this very corner of the screen. Brilliant

Galaxy 4 I really like this game very challenging the only down side I see is that you cannot scroll the screen around. Sometimes the lights or the trains are a little hard to see around the edges Must have

Fun. Played this on my sister's tab. So i'm downloading in my own cp. Is it so hard yet will test your brain. Good job :) Great!

Great I guess. Thanks for the great work in the game. The only thing that you can get a chance to make a difference to the game. I have a look at the moment you can get a great game. I am so pleased with the greatest effort. Works perfectly

Great little time killer Well put together little game easy to pick up can get frustrating when you get stuck Muito bom!

Good challenging game Great time waster, I like games that take a lot of beating and this is one of them. Sometimes screen seems too small but not sure if it's supposed to be like that. Omg

Enjoying! ;-) It's is very addicting... This is the game that I play more than any other installed games in my xperia z phone. Cool

Decent game Best train game I played but that's because it's the only one that's tolerable game get increasingly difficult Awesome

Enjoyable game, ads misleading , I like this game, had it once before on another phone, introduced it to my six year old grandson, he got to level 21 first day, completed the entire first era the next day, currently on level 5 on 2nd era. did not get the coins promised for downloading games or apps and participating though Works great

Annoying yet very fun.! There are adverts between every level. But there is a cross you ckick and its gone in a second. Hardly a 1 star because of this.. Recommend to take Train Crisis HD APK.

Great Graphics and Concept! Really fun game to play, the weather and music is cool too. Theres a bug while exiting the game, it exits before we click yes or no. Thanks for more free levels.. Recommend to get Train Crisis HD APK.

#media-player Captivating with exceptions.! I really like the challenging levels in this game. However, I don't like having to go through the trouble of downloading other apps to earn the neccessary coins to unlock each era. I also don't like letting the updates lock the levels all over again, forcing me to unlock them again. Still, I'm easily drawn to this game.

#physics-game Excellent work and creativity.....! Difficult to open era .. Pl make it simpler and everything very good

#file-browser Addictive! Designers have obviously had a great time developing this app. Lovely graphics. Nice looking water flowing. Clearly it's designed to make some money but hey what's wrong with that. It takes time to make good games and people have to eat! If you like a puzzle and a challenge this will definitely engage you. If you just want to watch trains going round a track this is not for you. Enjoyed some of the starter levels and will likely as not invest in the paid version. Acer Iconia tab A500.

Excellent game nice realistic animation game with mind challenging levels. Good ...! Excellent game nice realistic animation game with mind challenging levels. Good work! Nice game. Recommend to install Train Crisis HD APK.

#educational-game Great fun!! This is surprisingly challenging once you get up to 3 trains, which makes it great fun. It's a shame about the ads which sometimes get in the way but, all the morevreason to fund this awesome app!

I love the game but.....! The game only let's you get to level 6 then tells you to unlock levels by downloading other games for free anyway I guess you can pay . And the ads are in the way most of the time and I have not found a way to close them. Those are the only reasons I can only give 4 not 5 stars

Herobrine I play,it keeps exiting out of the game and somehow changes my ...! Herobrine I play,it keeps exiting out of the game and somehow changes my wallpaper.Please fix that bug!!!!!!!!!

Love it! My 3 year old and I can't get enough. He loves trains ...! Love it! My 3 year old and I can't get enough. He loves trains and squeels with delight each time he plays it. It is also a great inventive for him to behave.

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