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Excellent and hard game I loved the game for those who are sick of adds just turn off the data connection while playing Awesome

Very good game but seems to crash I'd have given 5 stars except for the crashes and replay and some buttons don't work in far west era. We have to come out of the game and then select the same level to play the level Amazing!

Good game to play something different. love it

My family love this to play at night. wow lol

Brilliant time killer. Works perfectly

Lite version sucks. Pls help

but phone won't sleep. not happy

Gr8 Game But has few flaws!!! Game is awesome but puzzles maps r to big to fit the screen. It bulges outside all corners of my phones HD screen and makes it difficult to see full movements of trains, signals,stations & tracks, making the gameplay irritating. Also sometimes touch does not work properly on touchpoints..... Request developers to squeeze the puzzles maps little more...... Go well

Brilliant Game Very interesting and challenging game, fun to play, waiting for the more eras and challenges to add.... Worth a go!

Good puzzle with bad control It'd have been a really good game if the control was responsive. It too often fails to recognize touch inputs. Pretty good

Tunnels The game is nice I just don't like the tunnels. You don't know where it will come out. U use up all the trains by that time. Then u have to wait 30 minutes then u forgot. Flawless

Very good game with very moderate amount of ads I was surprised that such a nice game can manage to pop up a very tolerable amount of ads at the tolerable moment. I have not been disrupted at all. And the game itself is very pleasant to play. I need to exercise a bit to test out some timing details but after knowing well about the rules, I enjoy a lot playing. I would consider a paid version to support the engineers who have done the splendid job presenting this enchanting game to the players. Worth it!

Good game Good game but its hard to get those stars. It becomes very boring when to cannot move ahead even if u cleared previous levels coz u don't have enough stars. Superb!

It's OK can't decide which way to go also a little confusing. In some levels u cannot decide which way to go also it is of no use for smartphones as the adds pop up and u can't read the full instructions. Surprisingly

Amazing game No words to tell about this game. One of the superb game in the playstore. Amazing 3d graphics, beautiful environments and all excellent challenging levels . Everyone must be play this game . These five stars are came from my heart. After played this game everyone says like this. Please install this game. Thanks to developers. 5 star

Great game - kids & adults A little tricky but my 2 yr old & myself enjoy playing it together:-) GREAT graphics & not too many pop up adds. Fun stuff! 5 star

Not Responsive. .. While it can be fun and challenging, I think the game may play better on a larger screen tablet. Button screen taps with a phone do not always work well when timing is important to prevent trains from colliding. Good

Fun but annoying Fun game, coll graphics, but: A) The ads are extremely annoying and intrusive, particularly if you don't have too large a screen B) The idea is unoriginal, clearly taken from Paper Train, but with 3D graphics and a few changes. wow lol

Absolutely fantastic The game is made with multiple brain storming situations. Truely mind tickling fun. Wonderful graphics. Test of instant reaction and management skills. Recommend

Quite a cool game! As a game concept, it's quite cool! Problem is with its responsiveness to touch - fairly slow and unresponsive on that front. Highly Recommend.

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