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Great game Just need bigger left/right pedals. So hard to touch the tiny dots in the corners 5 star

I will rate more stars if they don't keep shutting you down at three hundred I'll rate more stars if it is fixed Works great

The tractor pull game is good...BUT the tractor shouldn't shut down at 300 u need to be able to touch the screen and it shuts down.If u do that I'll rate it 5 stars Well done!!

Cool Add more tractors from real life like armed and dangerous under the influence get a lot of that I'm lagging that are in the alchy burners class then add some add some drama smoker class like rampage and get er done

Good games I like the truck pulling game as well it would be even better if we could customize our vehicles Highly Recommend.

Great game This is the one of the best tractor pulling games ever I think it would be cool if you guys made a mud bogging game because all of yalls games are great. Pretty good

Love it but... It would be nice if you add dirt flying off the tires,make the smoke a little better and be able to customize your tractors. :)

1225 mb no SD storage Beware comes on in background usrs up your data !!!! No SD storage to I've unintended Best and no spyware Has no hidden background functions stilling private information download ya hear cool Flawless

Ehhhhhhh Overall it is a good game but as a person who goes to tractor pulls and has pulled there's two things that aren't right 1. You should get more money 2. The sled really has no effect on the tractor at all so change that and the tire pressure is wrong high pressure for wet track and low pressure for hard track change that and I'll rate 5 stars. Not bad

Its ok Needs to be able to get more money quicker for more tractors and upgrades. A full pull should get more than 16 bucks.... it will take a long time to get more tractors at this pace Enjoy it!

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Cool This game is so cool ;) But V8 Dos, Power Hungry and V8 Crazy don't work. It keeps saying force close. PLEASE FIX ;) Fabulous!

Awsome game!!!! This game is the closest you can come to tractor pulls without actually climbing into a tractor. Lots of bad asd tractors, endless contests and contest levels. Hope to see more games from you.. Recommend to download Tractor Pulling APK.

Great Idea, but lacking! Love the effort into this game, very cool. But being around supernational truck n tractor pulling my whole life, this is a game where EVERYTHING should be interpolated. Updates include: smoke, dirt packing up to sled, fans, pits, new tracks, easier way for throttle control, graphic boost, leader flag, crowd correct mph per vehicle, TWD and 4WD Trucks would b a major plus etc.!!! All in all, great sounds and phenomenal layout... just continue to build on that n this will b a very successful game/idea.. Recommend to take Tractor Pulling APK.

Needs smoke and better graphics! Ita a great game! Needs a lil better graphics n smoke from exhaust. And more money per pull

Good game.. butttttttt! I highly enjoy the game to the point that I bought it. The only downside is that it takes way to long to upgrade or even buy a better tractor..I win pulls and only get $20 tht blows..fix that one thing and I will happily change it to a 5

#jump-and-run I'm game cash! It would be nice if we could buy in game money so we could upgrade faster.. But this game is great

#3d-graphics Thanks for the update. Is there any way you could make the diesel tractors ...! Thanks for the update. Is there any way you could make the diesel tractors smoke, also will there be truck in this version.

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