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I just love how the app automatically reconnects audio/video feed when connection is lost, 5 stars will be given when you can make the map view do the same instead of telling me there's a network problem and to try again later... You should have the app continually retrying to find device until I say don't. Highly Recommend.

Great concept app. Having some problems downloading onto desktop. Network error messages, losing stream. When devices are connecting properly is quite good quality overall. Works perfectly

Best App Ever! Often copied, never duplicated Flawless! I'm in 2 places at once, live. The front and back camera are my eyes and the speaker my ears & with the touch of 1 button I'm recording &I have proof. I have this app hidden on my 8 yr old son's phone, my phone, and a old phone, it's all I need. I was able to save my sons life when he was jumped, watch my mailbox when I was at work 27 miles away...and prove what neighbor been stealing my mail, recover my lost/stolen phone in Wallmart by using the walkie talkie feature. I luv TrackView! Muito bom!

Please Help Bought this app while in contract with Verizon. Now, I'm transferred to US cellular. When my apps were uploaded, track view didn't upload my videos. Help me recover them please Fabulous!

This is all I needed. If I had to download one app and one app only on my phone, this would be it. Hands down. A very big humongous thank you to the creators of this app. I'm hoping to buy the pro version as soon as possible, as soon as my financial situation is accessible this will be the app I'm buying for the first time ever (: I know it'll be worth every penny. And of course I will be recommending you to any one and everyone I know.

Crashes 75% of the time. When trying to watch videos is crashed 85% of the time. Also the converter fails 90% of the time and requires a reinstall to work. Very annoying. Otherwise great idea if the bugs get fixed. Not bad

Decent app for monitoring home from work or on the move. Works across all of my android and iOS devices. Some improvements that are required to get a better rating. 1. Allow for the video to be rotated in app, having to orient a device due to the fixed video orientation is inconvenient some times. 2. Improve the description of the settings as these are not clear on first use, I only know the difference as I contacted support and they were clarified for me. 3. Have the ability to embed overlays on the video stream (location (gps/minimap), date, time). Having these would help confirm that the stream is live and not frozen when looking at an empty room. love it

Works perfectly... Great way to put an old phone to work. Please keep making this a new and improved version. I always look forward to seeing what has been improved. Highly Recommend.

Got a love this app Knowing I can view video with all my devices sure makes things better . Hahaha now try to be slicker than me .. love it

Privacy issues We have our own reasons to own this apps ... but ... do you have the ability to view us too ?? Our privacy is at stake here.... does the video Stored into your server ? Marvelous

Getting better I will begin by saying the developers have been involved with reporting issues, and have attempted to solve them as reported. For this I give them 5 stars, but I am taking one star away due to the fact that the app still has a few issues while on cellular connection, and still struggles to seamlessly transfer between cellular and WiFi handoffs. Also, the service seems to just "disappear" from some devices on occasion, and often those devices need rebooted in order to bring it back up.

I would like to know how to export the audio files to play on a computer. I will give 5 stars once I figure that problem out. Highly Recommend.

Works but frustrating Sound and motion activation works great, the problem is trying to view videos, you can't fast forward or edit the video captured so if there is a 10 second spot you want to see and it's at the end of a 60 minute video, then you have to wait 59 minutes and 50 seconds to get to that spot. No fast forwarding and it frustrating because of it.

Best app by miles. When I started having doubts in a narcissistic relationship this put a little sence of knowing the real truth. I'd give it a 10+ ♡it♡it♡it. The only thing I haven't had work for me is opening the messages sent to gmail. It always tells me no app to preform this task. Which sucked when he destroys my phones or does a factory reset. Whispers away all info that phone had.

Life Saver This App is the answer to my dreams. I've searched all over for an app like this, and stumbled upon this one by accident.

Major Flaw The app restart seems to be resolved, but another GLARING issue exists, and is the handover from WiFi to cellular. It gets confused and turns off when trying to switch. Loses connection for several minutes at a time when this happens. Good

Great app a couple issues though. On the PC version when watching a recorded video I can't search through the video or fast forward. Very annoying. I also can't see multiple video streams at once which would be nice. Also the ability to mute a video you are watching. Perfect for video recording though love the app Marvelous

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