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works good but be nice if I had options to turn camera on and off. and id like to be able to change time and date format to day month year Not bad

Pro-Easy to connect ,free cloud storage, 4G connection fast , night view good range , loud speaker , HTTPS certificate, motion tracking and motion detection is great,HD sound Con-privacy policy and terms is worst to sell your video footage to mega ads firm likes double click Lack of authozcation likes 2FA or SamS vertify Need SDXC card 128GB for playback One week or one mother video Recommend

(Update Mar2108) Very nice implementation. Works without any issues. Very easy setup. Have been using/testing it for more than a year 5 star

Connected, updated and using it within 5 minutes out of the box. My expectations weren't high due to the affordable price, but have been pleasantly suprised by the quality of the app, cloud and camera. Perfect for standard motion detection or as a baby camera. What really gives value to this package is the features of the app; scheduling, email/app notifications and an extremely simple yet usable UI. Not to mention no hidden cloud costs. And it all works! Great stuff TP-Link. Well done!!

With 3.0.58 update, the auto logout & camera not found seem to be fixed. Well done. Perfect

Very quick & easy to install & use. Does the job & couldn't be simpler. Highly Recommend.

Reply to reviews. A key way to improve this app. Many bugs still exist. Such camera not found, reset setting by itself... Just wow

want more function 1. Two way communication (real time) 2. Memory the last camera's angle 3. Display more information as realtime bandwidth usage, current resolution. Just wow

Super easy App and fantastic integration with Gmail for email notification. I recommend to integrate with cloud storage provider to be able to record videos online such as Google drive, box and onedrive Brilliant

What is the cloud storage limit? Can i run a video recording non-stop until the end of time without it cutting out when I close the app? Great job

This version cannot see video recording motion detection in SD card Nc450, please fix it,tq love it

The latest app keeps asking me to relogin saying "it's been a long time since you last logged in" a few times a day each time I want to check the live feed. What happened? Amazing!

To camera help me to monitoring the love one special when they come home after schòol Works perfectly

Loving the new software update. It works great with my NC200. I'd like to use the Home/Away detection feature but guess my cam is too old. May have to think about upgrading soon. love it

After update app, on my NC450 get some noise sound, not clear like before update. That is on all my cameras NC450(4pcs). Dont know what heppend?! Highly Recommend.

The new update has schedule setting issue. The weekday mode start only on sunday and end on thursday. Updated & resolved! Go well

Revamped up is now way more usable. Good job. There are some minor issues though. 1. In split-screen streaming stops when you switch to the other side of the split which makes it kind of useless. 2. Picture placeholder should be some neutral image instead of some scenic home. 3. Would be nice to switch to full screen when rotating the phone 90° Well done!!

This latest update automatically logout from my account constantly. Have to sign in again each time after restart phone or the following day. Previous version no problem & work very smoothly too. Kindly rectify the issue. TQ in adv. Works great

Very disappointed with the last update, connection is very slow, hanging, stopped sending detection emails, as Gmail consider it as a hacker. The old one was better. Recommend

The app is good but i do not see the option of 'email' for notification. I have an NC230. Worth it!

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