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Frankly.I have played 100s of games. but for me this is the best game ever ever ever played! and I pray that to get the best game is 2018 award winner must BE"TOWER FORTRESS" Brilliant

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage this stupid non-progress game 5 star

It's friggin awesome. It's like a perfect combination of megaman x and sonic. There needs to be a sequel to this, maybe with a skill system or something-and definitely more bosses. I just want to play this all day but it gets a little repetitive, but at the same time it's a great game Brilliant

I really like this game, but it has two problems. Firstly, it slows down after playing for about 10 to 15 minutes (this might just be my device). Secondly, the Chameleon suit is bogus! I thought it would let me customize the color scheme of the suit myself, but all it does is make you pick the color of another unlocked suit! So, you're basically paying 2500 gems to use a suit you already unlocked, but with absolutely no suit-specific upgrades! Even though gems are easily obtained, this is still a major rip-off. Please add a customization system for the Chameleon suit where players can design their own armor. It would be really cool and get rid of the stupid rip-off. Flawless

Excellent way to spend time when your left with nothing to do. The game is challenging but rewarding and playful. I'd highly recommend it. Great job

This game is amazing, but could have a bottom restart for to play without return to title. Sorry for gramatic, I'm brazilian Pretty good

Good game but it's got one thing I hate about modern games and the reason I don't play them. It's nothing but ads. Whether you win or lose its an add. After every level. You can't even replay unless you watch a full add or pay money. Its annoying. Otherwise would be an amazing game. But sadly this is why I will be uninstalling it Brilliant

I really like the game, but please put a button were you can go down. I have missed chest and can't go down Perfect

Still many bugs... Money drop to floor below screen went right through floor Homing doeant work when it come to the stage with many flies and saws In mode where stage repeat, swirs cant cut flies (amazingly) During the character display,When i drag my finger down the screen (without pressing) it deemed that i want to unlock ghe character and bought it for me immediately... Aint that depressing? Some stage is extremelt hard to pass without a quirk like the boot or triple jump (or it is me that s*ck) Good game though. Lots of fun. And i hope there will be at least some explaination for the mode,gameplay and characters:/ Enjoy it!

Amazing game, but after the update,the controls became so glitched out and don't work and the game sometimes is slowing down.Need more items like bullet speed up or faster shooting... Muito bom!

The game mixes easy mechanics into a challenging but fun platformer. And unlocks feel great to purchase as the game doesn't force it's micro transactions down your throat. Works great

Great game. I just wish the design of the daily game was more like Leap Day to make it more replayable. And I wish Leap Day had the amazing variations in character skills that Tower Fortress has. Fantastic

Best mobile game ever hands down, but my phone died mid game and it deleted all my saved progress probably some obscure glitch im using an lg v20 if you could help me recover it that would great thanks. Worth a go!

I love this game and its challenging but I feel like the game is is short. What I mean by that is there should be more worlds.there should be more cool weapons. I also had this idea were you get to climb up the tower against someone then whatever you collected when you were climbing up you would fight each other. But love the game keep doing the good work Omg

Tower Fortress is a Rouge Like platformer with many ways to play. You can play as a glass cannon like character, or a tank! The choice is up to you! (and RNG of course) This game reminds me of Enter the Gungeon with its retro graphics and run n gun rouge like feel. My only minor complaint is there's no way way to traverse downwards through platforms. Enjoy it!

Love the game but the controls get stuck sometimes so it forces me to run into enemy's Perfect

Good game, just let me turn my phone horizontally. It would feel so much better. Just wow

Tower Fortress is an amazing game. The controls are simple and the gameplay isn't that bad. However, the game seems to not know when certain achievements are unlocked. I beat the game twice, and the "God is Goo" achievement and "Die Smoke Belcher!" achievement remained locked. I also got a combo of 50x and the "Ultra Combo" achievement remained locked. To me, unlocking achievements are what makes the game fun and challenging. If this issue can be fixed then I would most likely rate 5 stars. Perfect!

Tower Fortress is an awesome game! One of the first, and CERTAINLY not the last, of amazing games I've played of Nitrome's arsenal. In this game you play as a brave futuristic knight running off of Megaman's glory XD Simply you run up a tower full of different green monsters floor-by-floor with several upgrades and variety of blasters/weaponry, collecting gems to purchase different suits, and a boss at every third floor of twelve (as far as I'm aware...) - The game runs very smoothly; no annoying 30 frame gameplay nor glitchy visuals - Every playthrough is different; whether its a diversified layout, finding a new zone, or unlocking a new suit! - Did I mention it was created by Nitrome? That's the best feature! However for how epic this game is, I can say (sadly) there are a few flaws... one this isn't particularly for 'casual gamers'. This is pretty difficult. You get four lives, a short-ranged blaster, and an army of winged, webbed, and warmongering opponents. And unless you find a revive powerup or unlock a Zone suit (a zone suit mind you that isn't a permanent upgrade, but rather a suit slot) your death will start you back at the beginning... Along with that, there are ads. Nuff said. (All of them are pausable videos or voluntary demos and have 5 secs to skip so not a bad trade for awesome gameplay.) I know this isn't a short review as I was told to put, but trust me I'm proud of it. 5 stars! Love it! Very addictive in my opinion; if you like time-wasting or loitering, GET THIS GAME!! Superb!

Great little roguelike to pull out when you've got a few minutes of spare time. Gameplay reminds me of Downwell. Controls sometimes bug out but overall it's a great game. Superb!

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