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Totally awesome They're so cute!! I'd rate 4 cause there's no Cirno but it's really great so I think you deserve 5 for this!!   (>ω<)

Really good widget The only downside is that there is no kogasa but not mean enough to deduct a star from ya for that.

Great app, as described. A great app with no crazy permissions. Doesnt slow phone nor seems to drain battery either. Works on Droid X. Would like to see future updates include more characters, Reisen, Koakuma or even Utsuho. *update: works on OnePlus One as well*

SOO KAWAIII Im in love with this this is my new favourite thing its kawaiii and its fun aswell it shows u and u dont hv to look up

Not much characters to choose And the battery meter occasionally disappears for some reason, wonder why. Still a great widget for my homescreen though cuz I'm a sucker for cute things.

Awesome! This is a really cool app for fans of Touhou, and it is stylish and functional. Only thing it needs is a Cirno model ;)

Great and simple! Although I think this needs to be updated. The bar doesn't seem to be displaying correctly since the new HTC update.

Nice I love everything about this app. It works perfectly. But the thing I love the most is the art style! Very cute. What's keeping me from giving it five stars though is the lack of characters. Cirno, Yuyuko, Suika, Kaguya, Komachi, Kogasa, Futo and Shinmyomaru seem to fit this app IMO. You should add them. Regardless of the characters, I still love this app overall because it's definitely what I was looking for.

Its great but... How do i get it to do multiple. Like on the pictures. I added a second lady and tried ti edit her but it edited the first one and the second one stayed the same. How do i do this? I would appriciate your help.

Whoever made this is literally Jesus Basically, this a battery widget that does it's job, displays your favorite touhou character, and also boots whatever app/website you direct it to by tapping on it. Whoever made this is literally Jesus.

I love it! The art is so cute and pleasing to look at and it has plenty of characters to choose from. It's size can change, as well as the image, so you can pretty much put it anywhere on your phone :D

Need help My device is oppo R815 and for some reason I can't install the widget. Any solutions? (by I can't install I mean the widget won't show up in the personalization screen)

Very nice... ...would be nicer (5 stars) if there were more images to choose from and if there was an option to add a custom name/title to the image to indicate what application/widget/URL it will direct the link to.

A must for Touhou fans Their expressions also change with the battery level and the style is cute. Would be nice if there were more characters, though, it seems bizarre that Meiling is present while Remilia isn't.

So cute! They're so adorable! I have Sakuya, Flandre, Youmu and Patchouli, and they're so cute! I love these battery widgets!

Reimu is on my home screen Really love it, have same opinion with person before me. I would like to see more characters especially cirno. There's a bug where green bar is gone, but still love it.

FREAKING AMAZING! Add more characters :3 I LOVE IT <3! Can you plz add Yukari abd Yuyuko though? I would really like them :D

Simple and cute Very good widget, game and anime related! I put this on every page and set them to different characters! Simple to use and cute!!!

Awesome! This is a great app, yay for shoot em up games! But seriously, its just a perfect widget and I have not had any problems with it so far! Good job!

素晴らしい Fantastic touhou app but please add Yukari in the future if you have some time. Thank you for this work!

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