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Very situational, doesn't work very well for everyday pics, needs a lot of space around an object to be removed Well done!!

It gets my first 5 Stars of 2018. The algorithms that drive this app are incredibly precise: e.g. it doesn't leave a black hole to fill like the others - this app works out the most common colour in the frame and copies it exactly... 5 Stars! Perfect!

Nothing works as well as this app. Well designed clean interface and easy to use, contrasted with the wince-worthy tackiness of most of the graphic apps at the Play Store. Worth it!

This App is AMAZING. I would highly recommend it to anyone and congratulations to the developers for creating this amazing programme. Perfect

Amazing! Easy to use & works as advertised. I had some problems with the app crashing yesterday, but today it works very well. I'm impressed to say the least. Thanks to the devloper ! Awesome

Fall in Love with this beautifully crafted app with great thoughts. This app comes from a truely outstanding mind. Happy Valentine's Day to Iryna. Awesome

Was sceptical about it at first and didn't think the results would be good, but I'm glad I was wrong. This app is incredible! Pretty good

Ok like other people said I was sceptical. I can't believe how well it does. I would have spent hours on photoshop doing what it did in seconds. Highly Recommend.

This is a must have app. Like many others, I was skeptical at first and was sure I'd be requesting a refund. Nope. I was blown away the first time I used it. There might be a slight learning curve to get consistently good results but for anyone already familiar with Photoshop, it will be easy to use immediately. Enjoy it!

I've attempted to do these sorts things on the computer but it usually takes 3 times as long and looks half as good as this app makes it look. Really incredible actually, well worth your money. Perfect

PRETTY POWERFUL PHOTO RETOUCHING APP. Some wonderful features. 1) Maintain the file name of the photo. 2) Have not had a problem with retouched photos being smaller in pixel count - handle the largest photos my device can handle {even those much larger than my mobile device's camera captures}! 3) The recently updated 'clone' painting brush works great - only problems are on patterns were trial & err need to be used. 4) For some reason this app does a great or better job than other apps at removing objects at the edge of the picture {if you are using another object removal app you could stick with that one & use this one's 'brush' feature to clean up the edges}. ONLY TRUE PROBLEM seems to be a RouchRetouch photo is usually about twice the bit size - might have something to do with the app keeps a record of all edits as opposed to just storing the finished result (or using further processing to smooth out the edited changes). Fantastic

I've really enjoyed the app it seems to operate really well and keeps things safe, easy to undo and try again. It's a really nice and fun app to use, and I've saved several photos with it! wow lol

Love it! I had my doubts at first, but turns out that this App really does what it promises. I took a picture and didn't notice that people were in it, edited them out and it was as if they never existed. I can only recommend it. Omg

Does what it says BUT I really hate that when you edit a pic, the app does not fill in the empty space. It also does this annoying duplication thing of what was edited. Superb!

This is a fantastic app. easy to use and it works brilliantly. This is my favourite object removal tool. Great!

Great app. Does exactly what it says. My one question, how can I delete pictures that I don't anymore? Highly Recommend.

Absolutely the very best photo correction tool I've ever used, it's simple to use and the devs have really refined the app to the highest standard. Install this app right now you'll not be disappointed I guarantee it! Highly Recommend.

Love this app it's amazing what it can do to make your photos so much more outstanding by deleting unwanted items or adding more, I've made some brilliant retouches. Ten stars if it was possible. 5 star

i just love the way you change something that i and my phone cant do in a flash.. :)) Go well

Good for quick edits. I was hoping if there's a quick retouch feature for faces, color correction, etc.. Amazing!

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