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#image-editing Great removal, but can't update! This free version works wonderfully, however I've tried many times to update & buy the full version for cloning, but there's an unknown error every time. PLEASE FIX THIS!

Very smart! It delete sometimes objects around red zone, very annoying, but it's one of my favorite apps. I said " it's a joke and it will not work" but now i recommend it.. Recommend to get TouchRetouch Free APK.

Not great! I gave it only 3 stars for effort,it was too good for truth,maybe others don't expect quality but I do. It makes image u remove distorted, like a ghost was there.LOL or fast movement happened and u took the pic,sucks,I wanted it to do what it claimed,but its free so,get what ya get. I'm not all excited.

Good but! Very good but remove the start button and make it like iphoto so when you take your finger off the screen it will automaticly retouch then make it stop crashing and i will give it a five star. Recommend to install TouchRetouch Free APK.

Amazzzzzing!! I was like "naa, this must be fake or it'll be pretty obvious." But I was wrong! It was actually really amazing. It's best when you select an area where the color around it is the same. I recommend this app!

#photo-editing Does as it shows! K, I was looking for something else when I happend upon this app. This is awesome, currently have free version & about to buy it because it serves me a very useful way to edit my pictures simplifies the longer manual process of doing the same thing.

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