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I watched Pearl Thusi live video while she was intervied by you. I downloaded Touch HD and BOOM! It came on and still enjoying It! love it

Guys please add casting feature to this app. I need to cast the audio to my ChromeCast. Omg

I don't have audio, like I literally cannot hear my shows. And I'm missing out on them. Please help love it

Its simply the best thing to happen to Mzansi by our brothers n sisters. Unique and powerful..... Its empowering. Flawless

It's a great platform but it takes forever to start streaming live on my Android as a result I have to always wait for podcasts. I tried both mobile data and WIFI Pretty good

Very good and digital, but there is an option of listening on loudspeakes of my phone not headphones. Perfect

The app so perfect on my device never thought we could have something like this until the man himself T-BO TOUCH came to my work place nd introduced us on this site I'm enjoying every second of each day ever since great stuff guys keep up the good work #touchonline Fabulous!

Its a good app tho sometimes it takes time to produce sound but am happy to be part of the future touch hd Muito bom!

It's pretty good thanks, You have to try it. The only thing missing is to add my own playlists, so I don't have to logout if I want to listen to my music. Muito bom!

Whenever i minimise , so that i can do other things on my phone ,the app closes automatically ,help me out on that ,but generally i admire the work .. Flawless

I downloaded this app late last year and enjoyed it very much also worked perfectly I deleted it due to phone issues. I downloaded it today and it's not working wow lol

I like the quality of the sound. Thank you guys. I don't stream foreign counties anymore. Fantastic

True Definition of HDRadio in a 3RDWorldContinent Take Us Global Touch, Mtshalies GotYa Works great

Still you don't say why im unable to log in on #LiveChat anymore. I use to be part of it and have the latest update. Im using samsung s4mini or Pretty good

I love touch online radio stream i think its taking us as the country on another level 5 star

It's a great app, it's affordable too. There are some urban features within the app itself which makes it standout from the rest. Works great

Great. Only issue is that it cuts out when I lock my screen. Would be great if it could play through lock screen in the background to minimize power consumption from the display being on the whole time Surprisingly

Use to work fine bt now just worst no sound at all and cant even login on "live chat " just get (Facebook authentication error ) .no sound Awesome

Still can't log in on "live chat" it says (Facebook authentication )NB i have Facebook account installed on my using Samsung s4mini . Was one of people who 1st downloaded the App and i was on live chat as (ajax )bt one dae was unable to log in Fabulous!

I never knew anything like existed before until I saw a tv show some day, than I decided to download. I have learnt a lot from it live shows and I am looking forward using it regularly. Recommend

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