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I never get opponents to fight... it just keeps saying its lookong for opponent. The game also never has the same gameplay for matching 4 in a row- it will strike verticle or horizontal with no pattern. Since it is a little bit.more challenging thats important to know for strategy Surprisingly

Other than being a bit slow, and maybe a bit long for upgrades, this game is a lot of fun! Great job

My first time playing a game like this. I am doing okay at it for now. It was not difficult to figure out what you are supposed to do so thanks a bunch for that. Not really played enough to know if I am going to continue with it. But for now I like it. love it

nice story,strategy based,building own town is cool,destroying others,this unique puzzle game is awesome. Worth it!

Game is great has all 3 games I've been playing all in one good job guys just lower the build time is a bit crazy Great job

Great base concept w/ match 3, but the TIMERS are RIDICULOUS. 2+ days & you can only build 1 thing at a time. A major turn off. Flawless

Love this game!!! Although I can't seem to find any English speaking members to play with. Works great

Fun game, great base concept with match 3, but the timers are ridiculous. 2+ days and you can only build one thing at a time. A major turn off for some players. Amazing!

Great time killer. I play this game every hour. I hope devs can be more generous. No daily bonus like other games? Really? Flawless

Great game. Yet it is a bit challenging to move the tiles with a cell phone pen. Not bad

the only thing i wanna mention is that we cant upgrade multi building at the same time, thats quite bothersome. Fantastic

Pretty slow. Many story screens with a "skip" option that seem unnecessary. Long load times between short levels. And it crashed on me, which was a first for me on my device. Could be good with some modifications. Good concept and great graphics, but memory and processor heavy. Uninstalled. Perfect!

Good match 3 game. Mine worked for 15 levels then wouldnt load. stuck at 0% after a phone restart with signal and wifi enabled :( Well done!!

This iz a very honestly beautiful game..... Everything works perfectly and battling iz extremely fun..... The only part I don't like iz the Waiting part..... U shouldn't hafta wait to find yur opponent..... Thats absolutely ridiculous and no kid whether they're little preschoolers or kindergarteners should NOT have to wait to find their opponents..... Seriously..... This game deserves a 5-star rating Amazing!

I am absolutely in love with this game!!! It's so much fun and I absolutely love the little heroes haha!!! They're adorable!!! My favorite hero is the one with the kitty cat on it's head and the lint roller in his hand!!! Graphics are awesome, sounds are great!!! There is one downside to this game, it's the waiting time for buildings to upgrade... But other than that it's an awesome game... Go well

PRO: very fun and love match games with multi interactions.....remind me a little bit of 7 Wonders. Not your typical match games in a good way. CON: Wait time is long and can't play offline Perfect!

Game yang bagus.. Cukup menantang dan sangat cocok untuk mengisi waktu luang.. Seandainya ada sistem guild dan war guildnya pasti lebih seru lagi.. Must have

Nice game concept, but the devs' greed is ridiculous Both the story and PvP modes are fun per se. But the wait times on upgrades are insanely long - even early in the game you might wait for DAYS for one building to finish upgrading. And the worst is that while one building upgrades, other buildings must wait. That sort of artificial restrictions to push people to buy the premium currency is just annoying. Surprisingly

So hard stages Some levels are so hard to finish. The game needs some bonuses. Like everyday bonus. Week big bonus. Etc. Otherwise the game is addictive and entertaining. Great!

Really great game. You just have to give it a go ;-)) The best connect 3 games yet. Really good fun, challenging, colourful and brilliant to pass the time. Congrats to the team. Highly Recommend.

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