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I love your game. The only thing I would like is that if you can control any unit from your team. Superb!

My emotions are at war this is so cool! Perhaps you could add new warriors like the elves and eagles from the hobbit, simber the winged cheetah, a lightning dragon, werewolves, pirates, and goblins too! Surprisingly

It's a lot better than the second, when I tried the second one I couldn't go online, and no sources told me how to create an account. The online in this game is perfect, though the difficulty curve could be a little higher in the levels, loved custom mode, great for planning, and finally I liked the grid, making it an easy way for things to be symmetrical,and i'm a freak about symmetry. Great game! Pretty good

I loved this game but it is so expensive for a epic please make it a little cheaper Good

It's a fantastic game. I love the graphics, but it's sort of PTW. You can purchase the elite people and totally dominate people on online games. If they have elites as well but it just ruins the fun for the people without them. Worth a go!

It still needs a lot more troops and the game is very fun I hope it gets updated more and the new troops are tooooooo much gems that's why my star level is lower now how do you use premium? Also add 2v2 battles!!!!!!! And plz make it so we can place more than one epic hope we can place buildings this comment is made up of other peoples comments!! Also add buildings and add bigger space to place troops!!! Plz? Fabulous!

It's super weird. The animation, the placing. It's pretty bad and I'm surprised many people play it. Fantastic

There should be an update where you can take a picture of somebody if they have the game and once you do they have to do the same thing and you'll be able to battle each other but you won't be able to see thereformation Cool

This is a nice game good graphics but add more medevil units like orcs,goblins,dwarfs,trolls,werewolf,etc other than that good game Perfect

Think the game is great! Coming towards the end of the game I'm honestly wondering if they will keep adding more levels after 130. I have 2 and army so don't know if they're done with this game and updates, since I also saw it's been awhile since the past update. Flawless

Give the units a logical way of attacking instead of just going for the first thing they see Omg

Such an amazing game its the type of game that you would play on a computer I would of rated it higher but I can't Enjoy it!

It's pretty awesome my my lets me use her phone to play this and it's the best simulating game ever Works perfectly

I like how it's similar to totally accurate battle sim but there's too many adds Must have

I really like this game! It is fun to play and I really like battle games! If you like battle games like I do then I suggest you play this game! Fabulous!


I love this game its so fun and addictive keep up the good work and maybe try to make a dinosaur battle simulator for the people that haven't played you need to play it is really fun thank you Rappid studios. Go well

I think it's a good game a little more time and you can get a really good game if you can get even more units in that would make it and a fov from some of the units Just wow

But I think about this game is that it's awesome you know the controller awesome Graphics everything I mean the simulation of something happening but with video game physics really lights up my day you know bye Works great

Dude this is like the IOS or Android of Totally Acurate Battle Simulator you guys should make 3 in 2018 You guys the best remember Don't mind the hater's mind the follower's (Best game evar!!!!!!) (Ok i'll stop now) Superb!

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