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I would like to know at the least where I'm ordering from and the actual name of most of these items sold. I've done some research on most of the items and they all aren't as expensive as they say they are. But still a good app and great deals either way. Just feel that it needs more accuracy. Fantastic

Long time for shipping. I dont think the items show an accurate value. Bid on a dvom more than 3 weeks ago that has yet to show up, which claims to be worth over $500. Works great

I've purchased a few things off this app. I was not satisfied with 2 out of 3 items. Just be very careful what you buy. You get what you pay for. Worth a go!

This is the Best bidding app I've ever experienced. It's so easy to use. The prices are ridiculous and there's even items with no shipping charges. I highly recommend. Perfect!

The app its ok! The quality of the items that you will receive its another story. Remember you get what you pay for. I'm returning most of them, also the pictures of the items for sale, some of them are misled watch carefully the title ask question dont be like me. Will delete the app after I received all the items that are paid not worth it. Muito bom!

So far I've purchased two items and still waiting for them... it's super fun but dangerous as well.. You'll go broke lol Works perfectly

I love the app. I downloaded it in August of 2017 and have ordered several products. They're great quality and are usually pretty decent prices. I've never paid over $17 for any product and that's including shipping. I'd highly recommend this app. I haven't been disappointed with a purchase yet. Great job

This would be a great site, but they only allow you to purchase one thing at a time, and your card gets charged each time, what a bummer, cause I'm a shopaholic. But refuse to shop like this, my credit card will thank me later! Works great

This App Has So Many Unique Things At Such Great Prices. I Love It! It's Great For Gifts!! Fabulous!

It's fun, and there are so many things that are useful and even ...URBAN DECAY, Kylie, NARS Cosmetics and so much more Just wow

I just won my first bid! And I'm very excited to receive the product and see if it works! Pretty good

LOVE Tophatter. Customer Services is the best. Yeah some of the products are questionable, but when you pay a few dollars what do you expect. If I pay a couple bucks for an item, get to use it more than once..score. shop wisely. Muito bom!

Got some good things and some bad things. Some of the auctions don't sell if they are to low if a bid. Most if the jewellery stones are just colored glass. Oh and the mp3 players are garbage. Cool

Be careful what you but, the sellers don't always let you know the right sizes, clothes are always 3 times smaller so order larger sizes, Tophatter themselves are very well run, answer queries very quickly and deal with stuff very quickly, remember your on this site to save money. Not bad

Love this app howerver the acctual price is usualy not corect at all it is still gread to gut somany things at such a low cost (usualy under 20$ at most) for items that say they are 400$ ( in reallity ar normLy no more than 100$) Fabulous!

It works. Ive bid on a few things now anf I get them within the estimated timeframe. wow lol

I'm addicted to this app already. I've spent less than an hour on it and bought 4 items. Awesome

It's really great bidding for thing's that are such much less then you pay at a regular store, actually any where. Thanks, Tophhater Superb!

Won soon as I opened the app for the very first time! So cool and cheap (: its so fun bidding and winning! Must have

It's possible to get good deals but you have to watch the prices. The price they say it's worth on the bottom with the line threw it is about 350% more then retail. Ie: a drone you can buy on eBay for 54$ is advertised as being worth 1,451$. Kinnda makes me not trust this site. Just say what it's really worth ffs. Also shipping is slower then cold molasses running up hill. Great!

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