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I love this and now all I have to do is bring my phone instead of a big book and read the book when I am at home or on the go without my wifi Fabulous!

Better vids than YouTube, I think. But the gay ads are numerous. So I don't like it for that reason. Worth a go!

Very awesome apps & keeps me busy for hours!!!!!! Even my husband uses if & he hates the king of apps!!!!!!! Surprisingly

Great subject variety. Fab when you're sat in a train, waiting for someone etc and he kindly eating time. .I've enjoyed last ing a few facts along the way. Recommended. Omg

I have found some of the best stories I can tell people about. Like "The World's Best Female Guitarists"! That's a story every person especially young girls should be shown. !!!!! Brilliant

A fun informative little app I'd recommend it to anybody you won't be disappointed give it a chance thanks whoever created it Awesome

Fantastic and straight to the point has very good recipes also and other funny stuff i love this app Fabulous!

I like topbuzz because it has all the stuff that I like and lots of cool thing to learn about Pretty good

Great opportunities to win cash for beat the question wish we were able to use more than one life! And also have more money than the amount they do give u when its split up but eh it free so who cares! Not bad

Always up to date on the news/what's going on all over the world.... Need to know things that u would not have known if not for the buzz! Works great

My biggest issues is the fake news and also the more I scroll the more I see the words "Black, white and racist." Works perfectly

This app is a very fun and Communications and it's just very fun I I got to say that it lets you see the funny things on the internet thank you Great job

Its great it gives you information that you never new it gives you the weather and everything and if you need a laugh just go to topbuzz!!!!! Worth a go!

I enjoy this app very much. There are tons of different types of stories to be found. From the newsworthy, to hilarious videos, things of personal interest, and my favorite, Animals; funny, heartwarming and rescues to Animal rights issues. They even have a game where you can win real money!!! Awesome

This app is awesome and has good things to look at that you might of not know Bout before Well done!!

It is fun because you get to look at funny stuff and it makes me laugh so hard and it makes me cry a little bit Go well

I just started it when I installed it it said it was Free, that is the reason why I did it, Muito bom!

I absolutely love this app. It has everything you want to see and know. Although there are news articles that will make u cry there's nothing like this app. YouTube doesn't compare. If u don't mind reading a lot this app is great. I truly enjoy it for almost 5 hours a day without fail every day. Who needs TV. Worth a go!

The down side is the untruthfulness of some of the stories. Definately not a serious news source. Gave it three * for the entertainment. Highly Recommend.

The app is good. It's very entertaining and informative. The black jokes are getting a little old and not funny. Throw in a few white jokes. Be an equal opportunity offender. that's all. Good

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